Torment (Sorry If Its Not Good Im Having A Dry Spell)

Rating: 5.0

im far down
save me now
im gettin pulled
in all directions
i have forgotten
but new memorries
tormment my dreams
the dark engulfed my heart
i cant face it without you
i cant hold your hand
your not holding me back
your letting me fall
im ending where i began
im ending in the dark
only she can bring the light

Iron Panda 23™ 07 April 2010

i likes it^-^

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whether you think its good or not... others have their opinion... i like it a lot.

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Chidori Storm 12 April 2010

Dude! ! ! Don't you even think for one second that this poem isn't good! ! ! In reality, the shorter poems really are the better ones. Even if Disia doesn't think so.

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That is a good poem. Who is it about?

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i love u babe (tandi) 09 April 2010

i hav no idea y u think ur poems arnt good ther so amzing it dosnt matter if ther dark or happy if u felt like this then it just means u must really like or even love this girl and i think u shood fallow ur feelings well anyways i love this poem and dont underestimate ur writting abillity :)

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Christopher Tiganescu 09 April 2010

very intresting good job

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