Love Worth Dying For

Rating: 5.0

where the smoke rolls
and the fires control
a demon is loose
from the shrine of its imprisonment
his anger is strong
his anger is permanent
for where his heart had belong
his lover betrayed
his revenge must be swift
for his lover was a priestess
she had shot an arrow
that had sealed his fate
the reincarnation
released his hate
her life is short
her despair is strong
for without a loving embrace
in some protective arms
all that got in the way
were slaughtered in seconds
till the last stand for her
the love was reignited
she flew in his arms
she loved him for him
a kiss on the lips
freed him
from the endless hell
that has engulfed him
the anger makes its way
to never return again

(this is not about inuyasha so stop assuming, this is the life i hold)


this is a good poem it was interesting....keep writing 10/10

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Lunar does not know Shit? Don't listen to him. This is a good poem.

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Crazy Vampire 26 March 2010

i totally love this poem! keep it up!

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Iron Panda 23™ 22 March 2010

awesomific xP lol 'Dude, you wrote this poem about inyuasha. That is so not right.'

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Chidori Storm 22 March 2010

Dude, you wrote this poem about inyuasha. That is so not right.

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Ro'ya Abdulaal 19 March 2010

I loved the descriptive language you used to deliver your strong, heartbreaking message, smooth flow, sensuous words and emotive tone, well done

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