Herbert Nehrlich 2

Rookie (04-10-1943 / Germany)

Touch Me - Vv - - Poem by Herbert Nehrlich 2

Silly how the heart will flutter
at the sound of violins,
how the time repeats the utter
urge to yield to lovely sins.

Waves in tireless rendition
lauded by bright frigate birds
bring small tides in repetition
and the silence of sweet words.

Touch my skin and call for thunder
fire shall engulf the sky,
molten wax send me asunder
on Mons Pubis I shall die!

Let me kiss your aureolas
read to me, caress my bum,
lick those crumbs of Gorgonzola
off my lips and serve us rum.

Shall we drown in waves of sorrow,
melancholy's bittersweet,
love me to the dawn tomorrow,
raise your pelvis in defeat.

When the sun has warmed the breezes
at the portal of New Lent
we shall eat Italian cheeses
vowing never to repent.

Kiss Me

Kiss me so my lips are burning
let saliva soothe them then
as you said I am still learning
five point five out of a ten.

Tongues are twisting and exploring
greeting all inside the mouth,
teenage thoughts concerning scoring
and the echo from the south.

Message to the hanging duffle
bringing dopamine and stuff
fodder for that growing truffle
sweating bodies in the buff.

Will you draw your sharp incisors
all across my longing skin
let us never be two misers
let's create a next of kin.

There is no one that could better
or come close to you my sweet,
I could not just write a letter
in the tropics stifling heat.

Well, first the pen went off its rocker,
then the silverfish arrived,
all in all it was a shocker
seemed so foreign and contrived.

So I wrote a little ditty
one more sleep and there you'll be,
please forget the nitty gritty
place your lovely lips on me.

Valentine is a commotion
and its symbol is the heart,
would you share that precious potion
on that squeaking applecart?

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