Trace My Love Poem by DICKSON MSETI

Trace My Love

Follow me find me,
call me come to me,
Touch me hold me,
Kiss me and love me.

Here I am, close to you,
There you are far from me,
rise your hand and hold me,
kiss me and love me,

Here I am on the highest mountains,
not Kilimanjaro, nor Evarist,
It is here on the great lakes,
not Victoria nor tanganyika

Am just here, in the green desert,
from the snow in the drought,
Not in the forest of Amazone,
Find me in the food with diet.

Look up to the sky,
Am in there in the sands,
Not even in the food,
just find me, am good,

Hurry up and look for me,
Chap chap don't fail me,
Am waiting just trace me,
almost tired resque me,

Am just here you can see me,
Not there just trust me,
not in the crowd of people,
not in the city nor in the village

Am just here run to me,
I can hear you believe me,
I can see you look at me
Trace my love Am in you.

I wrote this poem because human always like to believe that Love is far from them, The waste their time looking for it, Most of people who like to be seen and be loved they have a desire to be seen and to be loved, What I realized is, Love is just here. it just the time to take it.
Pranab K Chakraborty 16 August 2012

Nice write. Love is here yet too far the reach to hold it.. Expression is spontaneous as if we are within love. And true 100% truth. But we know not its cultivation to sustain the height......Thank you.

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Nurain Ali-balogun 29 July 2012

i love the way you made your point, that love doesn't have to be far away on the highest mountain or beyond the seas, that if you look aroun you, you'll find the love you seek. Great work.

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Danny Draper 10 July 2012

The flow is good and concept interesting that love is within good work.

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