Translation Of The Poem „i Am Your Baby Mum' By Ghazal Ebrahimzade.. Farsi Version Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

Translation Of The Poem „i Am Your Baby Mum' By Ghazal Ebrahimzade.. Farsi Version

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it is translated sir: this is Farsi version of your poetry. until end of this week i will publish it in Iranian site of poetry. maybe Thursday or Friday...then i ll give an address that you can check it. and i have a suggestion for you... attach the farsi version of the poem to previous English form in site of poem hunter.

من از آن تو ام مادر
به خود نامده ام آخر
خداوند و سفیرانش از آن فردوس
والا قدر دمیدندم در جانت
جا دادن به زهدانت..
به خود نامده ام این من
که خواست ایزد این بوده است
ندانستی تو ای مادر
سفیران خداوندی مرا دیدند...زدند بر چنگ [فرزندی]
که بودش بسی زرین
که فرزندی به صلح و [ناز] خوابیده به زهدانی چنین تقدیس
سرود نور تابیدند و دمادم هم بودند ناظر
که پای من رسد بر فرش این گیتی
و من عاشق بودم شادان به غار کوچکم خندان
سفیران خداوندی بودند ناظر بر این دوران
دلم پرواز می خواهد که باشم طفل محبوبت
بخندم و بخوانم و کنم بازی
بنوشم شیره ی جانت
بیابم هم تو را راضی
در آن هنگام که جان بخشد به جانم شیره ی جانت
همین رویاست که خوابانده مرا در عمق زهدانت
از صبح بی دادی
که قصد جان من کردی
تمام نسل دیو و دد
به سرزمین مرگ و درد
شنیدند نغمه ی رایت
آهیختند و آمیختند و
آویختند سرود بزم و
کوبیدند بر طبلی [ سرد]
و چرخیدند و کوبیدند
به یک حلقه
به یک شاهراه
به روی پا
به روی سر
به وحشی ترین آوا
پریدند و سراییدن در یک خط و کوبیدند
به طبلی [ بس گران و سرد]
تمام جهنم غرق شادی شد
که قصد جان من کردی
چه بی پایان گریستم من
چه بی پایان باریدند
فرشتگان و آسمان
که حتی آن دم آخر
کمی قبل از مرگ خون بارم
خداوند توانمد هم
به عجز و لابه می بارید.

notice: the translation of this poetry also is poetical...adorned with rime and some occasions poetical rime couldnt be
designed. i had to add some vocabulary to it. in relation to poem. these vocabularies come in crouches and it is some thing routine and normal in translation wright.

I Am Your Baby Mum - Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore
I am your baby Mum.
I did not come on my own Mum.
God's angels flew down to your womb
from the mighty heavens
and placed me in your holy womb.

I did not come on my own mum;
God wanted it so.

I was so happy in my new cave of love,
in your holy womb
and slept there peacefully.
The angles watched.
They prayed
to keep me safe always
till I will be born on the face of the earth.

They practiced heavenly songs of birth
to play on their golden harps on my birthday.

When I was sleeping in your womb
The angels used to come to me.
You did not know it, my dearest Mum.

I was happy to be born
as your beloved child.

I wanted to smile
I wanted to sing
I wanted to play
I wanted to suck your breast milk
Until you were satisfied.
I wanted to see the smile on your face
When I suck all your milk from your loving breasts.

They were my dreams in your womb, Mum.

But on a cruel day
you decided to kill me.

The devils in the Hades
heard about your decision.
They brought the loudest drum,
played in the devilish rhythms.
All the devils came together,
came and danced in circles,
jumping and singing.
They danced in lines.
They danced in circles.
They danced on the toes.
They danced on their heads.
They sang the wildest of songs
and the devil drummers played.
The whole hell was happy
that you decided to kill me.

You know how much I cried?
You know how many angels cried?
Do you know how the whole heaven cried
on my day of death in your holy womb?

A moment before i was cruelly murdered
I saw the All-Powerful God crying helplessly.

Monday, August 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: angels ,baby,cruelty,god,innocence,murder
Misnia Bahri Awaludin 13 February 2019

Lovely meaningful words give a 10

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Valentin Savin 25 October 2018

Nice poem, Dr.Anthony. So well esxpressed, so emotional.

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Qaisar Bashir 24 January 2018

Lovely poem. Superbly written. Based on a theme: the evil of abortion. Well done Dr Tony.

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