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Triple Ex: Sarah - Poem by Ray Mesa

Dureing a night while the snow fell
I felt like I was in hell
In a split secound, I heard a long bell
and turned around
without music or sound
came a girl out of the cold
with a smile of gold
and with hands to hold

She ran into me and asked me my name
I said it and I asked her the same
We flew into the dance room
I could predict a romance soon
We danced, left and right
Who knew I would meet my soul mate tonight?
Up and down
A single moment shared with only me, her and the fadeing background
Forward and back
I kept feeling there was someting I lacked
As the day restled down and became black
I found myself outside near her car
I felt a rumble near my heart
I leaned and she kissed me under my eye
I smiled and return th kiss
I finally saw the fireworkds, there were finally mine
I never expeience more bliss then this

She told me to call her tomarrow
She left me for a secound and I drowed in sarrow
Her wings seemed to disapper and all I had left was listick on my cheek
I walked away in fear, I flet so bleak
But tomarrow came
It wasn't too long now
Would I remember her? Would I even remember her name?
I knocked on the door looking down at the ground
Her face came at me like a open flame
And again I heard no sound
She was so beauitfull I almost felt ashamed
Like I was not worthy, I was just a worthless stain
She took my hand and we walked around

Night came and Halloween was almost over
We sat on a bench and she got closer
We watched the moon with absloute silence
I never felt so wanted, I never felt so much kindness
She told me 'this is so romantic'
And my fingers danced with hers
I shivered a bit from the cold as she begain to stand
We did't need words anymore
I took her by the hips and pushed her close to me
We rolled on the freezeing ground and started to kiss
As we rolled I never felt more free
This was a moment I was soon to miss
There I was, In love, someone in love with me

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 14, 2006

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