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True Confessions - Poem by David Beckham

Loving you, loving you, loving you
I can’t stop loving you.
I love you from 9 to 5
From wake to sleep
My love is open to you, like a pharmacy, all day, everyday,24hrs
My love for you carries a sign, it reads, 'Come on in! '
I love you from dusk till dawn
Everyday I am loving you, loving you, loving you and loving you
And I will never stop loving you

I want to stay with the simple things that work
You know-Just keeping it very simple like A.B.C!
I needed to find a girl who needs to be appreciated just as I need to be appreciated
Connect with a girl who would say, 'I am not afraid to love you for who you are'
Live a quality life with a girl who shares similar values with me
You rock my world and I am staying with that
What more can I ask for...
She can even dance and light up a dance floor

What’s the therapy for love? I ask
what do we do when we need love?
Maybe its a fun vacation in some fancy resort?
Or perhaps hanging out, eating ice cream together?
Maybe it’s going to the movies?
Or it could come down to simply being good to you, loving you
Treating you like I beg to be treated
Love is all I have ever known and that’s all I will ever want to experience with you
Sounds good to me, being good to you.
Loving you does good to me

You are the greatest battle I ever fought
I fought off the world to stay close and loving to you
My real intention is to find love and give it back in abundance
God has blessed me this much to have you in my life
I found you and cant stop loving anymore

I sometimes discover myself by watching others
You make the perfect mirror of my life
I see you gleaming and basking in love, that tells me, I must be loving you rite
When we are together, I see sparkles in your eyes, that tells me, I must be doing something rite
When I hear all the beautiful things you say to me, it reminds me that I must be telling you everything you want to hear

I couldn’t live without my eyes, because I love to see you smile
I couldn’t live without my hands, because I love to hold you tight
I couldn’t live without my ears, because I love to hear you sing
I couldn’t live without my legs, because I love to go places with you

I know the true potentials of who I am and what I can be
I see what we are and know what we can become
I have stood tall, I am your king
You've stood firm, you are my Queen

You unlock the precious gift and hidden treasures in my heart that I am blessed with
A dog jumps up in joy at the sight of the owner
The birds chirp at the sight of their loved ones
My heart knows you, it leaps up in joy at the sight of you,
I rejoice everyday, my life is festive with you

If life is a relay race, then we are up and running
We will make it through the hurdles
We will make it to the finish line

I love you

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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