Mirage Poem by David Beckham


Rating: 4.4

Laying on God’s green earth and staring at the far away sky blue
Then came the thought of a man I knew dressed in blue
But he quickly hauled me away with a gun in his hand and we sailed to some faraway place
Not that this was a dungeon where Hannibal Lecter* lived, indeed it was no such strange place
There he served me a drink and the drink caused sleep to come to me
So that I could neither tell if I was still on God’s green earth or in those trusting blue sky hovered over me

Laying on God’s green earth, with all the time in the world to reflect on my deeds
And thinking if this was my last day on earth, this I swear with the blue sky as my witness that I would change about me and my needs …
Then I awoke from my captors drink and realized he’d gone to where I didn’t care exist
Just this moment I should escape to safety, this many fantasies I care not resist
The thoughts of trust betrayed and sheep in wolves clothing, the one I thought I knew, and whom I gave my trust to, but turns out he wasn’t the one I thought I knew
Laying here and if my last day on earth, I’d change the fact that I didn’t so trust of people … all this in memory of the man dressed in blue

Hannibal Lecter M.D. is a fictional character in a series of horror novels by Thomas Harris and in the films adapted from them.

Eric Cockrell 15 August 2011

if we only knew how precious each moment is. we'd change a lot of the things we do! ... good poem! makes one think!

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Stefanie Fontker 15 August 2011

'A sheep in wolves clothing, ' this portrays the worst betrayal. A great poem, thank you for inviting me to read it.

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Sheemo ... 15 August 2011

i really liked it, , good poem

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Shanike Palmer 15 August 2011

Trust - the topic of the month. It is a very good poem, i would read it over and over. It reminds me of the Bible where God says you should trust noone.

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Unwritten Soul 15 August 2011

Cheated by the disguised colors i feel that's how we always being fooled by a cover...We was drunk with trust of someone who drink lie to us...I maybe fool but to judge all people have cursed mirages images could be false, what we need just improve our lens, to see true colors of people...It was good poem..we still can detect the movement of wolves even they wear sheep clothes, they can change the appearance but the soul that color the behavior wont change at all...it's part of life! _Unwritten Soul

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Heather Whitley Gibson 22 August 2011

A compelling narrative/ are your breaks intentional? If so, maybe consider accenting these stopping points. I think while, reading this poem, the kind of narration used brought me in to a state of confusion and yet allowed me breathing space to gather my thoughts. The poem stuck with me. Very Nice!

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Menash Shrestha 21 August 2011

And you've got quite a skill. Had to read twice to get what you actually wanna say. Really a wonderful poem.

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Minnie Gehrig 18 August 2011

great poem...............narritive poetry is a hard write you have done well!

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Uttam Biswas 17 August 2011

dear david beckham, I have gone through your poem ''Mirage'' and found it wonderfully composed. I like the thought and the way you depict it. Go on and make me informed.

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Sara Smilingface 16 August 2011

I loved & enjoyed reading this poem! very well done

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