The Theory Of Absolution Poem by David Beckham

The Theory Of Absolution

Rating: 4.9

Dearest Son,

Today is the day that you are born

Your eventual exception to the way I will raise you will remain

Hugs, flowers and kisses, everything that I have I give to you

I wish I could isolate myself from your life

From whom you are going to grow up to be

But how can I? … The apple does not fall far from the tree!

Therefore my apologies at this time of birth I offer

That my ideas rub off on you and cause you to be who you didn’t want to be

Or that my way of upbringing causes you to be a recluse

But you did all right for yourself as an adult but hated still some of my influences

In time, I would get older and weaker and you will get older and stronger

In time I will lose my faculties and you will get smarter

But label not my ways as foolish I beg of you

What I have, I will give to you … Food, comfort, life

In so far as not to our past we can return to change things, for that is foolish to think

But in time therefore, consider my actions and find them ‘blameless’

I too shall consider your ways ‘blameless’

But by this understanding, that we may pursue life in great fulfillment and joy

We have come together in God's time to create this story

I hope you can accept the outcome of your life on this day of your birth

Smoky Hoss 18 August 2011

I really like your 'theory' here, it is very intriguing. As a father myself, I most sincerely appreciate and agree with your thoughts in this heartfelt poem. Very thoughtful, and very well put.

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Juan Olivarez 18 August 2011

Is this the birth of your son David? If so Please accept my congratulations on the blessed event, and all this wonderful advice you have and bestow on him I am sure will make all the difference, I like this poem, very much.

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Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr. 18 August 2011

sweet, good fatherly advice to a son, congrats!

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Romeo Della Valle 19 August 2011

Wow! I wish my daughter would read this great, touching and thought provoking write! A great advice a father can give to a son or daughter and would set an honest example for younger generations to come (possibly your grand children) ! Just hope and keep your fingers crossed that he will grab the true meanings of this great and positive advice! Only Time will tell and I hope for the best of both of you! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with your wonderful writes! He will be proud of you! 10+++ well deserved! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from NYC...

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Anshul Gupta 19 August 2011

This is an amazing emotional poetic letter written by you. Being myself a father of two, I can understand your feelings that are quite deep and ethereal...

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Michael Nkwocha 14 September 2016

a nice piece David. well done!

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William Jackson 07 September 2011

Great title! Great poem. Absolution indeed. My parents have earned it! According to the acorn theory of existence, our parents are alien beings to our true selves, oppositional figures who are necessary to force us to struggle and bring our true destinies to fruition. In childhood it may apear that the daemon was incorrectly chosen, but later in life we see that the ensuing struggle that resulted from our pairing with a particular set of parents was to our benefit. Would there have been a Teddy Roosevelt without the influence of his parents, or a Salvidor Dali, a Beethoven, a Victor Frankyl, Thomas Edison, or George Washington Carver?

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Matt Mooney 27 August 2011

Your insight is both accurate and inspired.Well written.10.

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Audrey Heller 24 August 2011

Thank you David, for inviting me, to read your lovely poem. There's a lot of truth in what you say and it makes a lot of sense. You did a wonderful job, in expressing yourself! For me, it deserves a 10. When time permits, it would be nice if you'd read some of my, poetry and give me, some of your feed back. Audrey Heller

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Eric Cockrell 20 August 2011

the passing of the very human torch... love is often bruised, and stained, but remains. very good writing!

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