Dear Poet Poem by David Beckham

Dear Poet

Rating: 4.8

Dear Poet,

You brought your words to me
Your life you shared with me
My pain you sought to heal
My cross you already bore

My life in ecstasy
In awe of your words you see
So crafted the masterpiece
Great praise I reserve for your works

Only the strong survive
Without a tear in their eyes
Of a narration so dear and true
Our stories laid out in your words

You hear the call of the meek
Of the strong, the poor, the oppressed
The mute, you hear
The deaf, you speak
A gift for everyone...
Like Santa, I love you

In praise I write to you
For your works, a lifetime it will be
If abstract it is
If it catches the feeling...
A word is enough for the wise

Today you fed me
You the biggest chef there is
Your menu spans the world
The biggest feast in wonder

Never stop, never stop, and never stop
Don’t stop, don’t pass go, don’t collect 200
Keep writing, don’t stop, and keep moving
Fill the world like Gods green grass

Your biggest fan,
The Reader

Keli Mims 16 July 2010

Loved it! You're a very good poet. I'm looking forward to reading more.

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Meggie Gultiano 25 July 2010

i just love your last lines, David..It says it all. You write with straight from your heart, and I just love it. I will be visiting your page every now and then. Keep up the good work. God bless you..Shalom! ! ! Hugs from here, Meggie

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Ken E Hall 27 July 2010

Nice tribute to poetry as far as reading them all 12 million poems and counting are on the internet now...the last verse made the whole poem...regards

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Owain Glyn 05 January 2013

Well expressed, In some ways the best education in poetry is to read lots of it.

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Jenny Gordon 12 February 2011

Sweet, made me smile! Lovely tribute to our bards and great poets, which we also aspire, if vainly to join. I quite enjoyed this!

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Juan Olivarez 02 February 2011

Wonderful. I am also a fan of the great poets, you expressed yourself very well in this piece, I give it a ten.

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Nice one.... 'Birth of poet' Has any one thought over? Almighty has given gift to him or her How does the ideas emanate from void mind? Music in action and feelings very kind The ideas to role out for vicious world Happiness and joy for all to hold Can poetry exist without impetus? The writer can exist by his status God might have given special third sense Free flow of thoughts even without being tense This is how the journey has begun with birth of poet Love to all in his imagery world and keep quiet He does nothing special for performance He certainly weighs facts at once Leaving all worries for the common cause Forgetting for self and think what he was? This is how he has come in to being World at his feet without being called a king What makes water to fall in from of raining? It doesn’t require any guidance or proper training His heart pains for others agony H doesn’t work it for gain or money He has the mighty thoughts to work as key No slavery in his world and to make all free

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 27 July 2010

‘You the biggest chef there is Your menu spans the world The biggest feast in wonder’ ~ Wow ~ Thus Spake Poet…indeed you’re wondrous Poet Chef …this is one of the best poetic cuisines I’ve ever savored… ‘Fill the world like Gods green grass’ ~ Yeah sure unending journey of wording and weaving tissuing tailor made debonair noetic garment… … thanks Poet David for sharing … Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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