The Pessimist Poem by David Beckham

The Pessimist

Rating: 4.7

How sweet was that day I was born?
When now I imagine that the sun bowed out early to the lands
And the stars twinkled all night
The low hanging moon smiled immensely
While the shooting stars fired on
All was happy and the feast was merry
The land was without war
The valleys and the high mountains gave birth to streams
The grass was green and the roses were red
And your gifts soon poured on after

How sad will be the day that I die?
When now I imagine that the globe will be warmed, and the sun will scourge
The nights will be long, and the winters dreadful
The summers short and the trees without leaves in the spring
Over the hills the chariots prepare for war
Down at the valley our crops erode
Hunger at the center of our plight
The lands divided and the nukes come out
Wines of merry will turn to tears of blood
And A-YI-BA-BA-YEH will be the cries of war

Gary James Smith 04 March 2011

The pessimest not only puts a damper on life, alas, he as well puts a damper on death. The pessimist behaves as such, he doesn't like anything very much To have the pessimist's point of view, invites the darkness to conquer you And with that cloak swung over his face, He misses observing our wondrous God's grace Determines his destiny so to speak, fails to prosper, when God, he doth not seek. copyright March 4,2011 5.04 a.m. Gary James Smith Have a great day, David.

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Jerry Plata 04 March 2011

This was amazing in many ways and I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. I am awestruck.

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Cory Jensen 04 March 2011

oh. My. Goodness. I'm amazed by it. I love the way you said that life is beautiful at first, that everything was right when you were born. And when it comes time for the end, you see the world in a different view then before. Everything changes with time, it doesn't matter what it is. People always tell you that love never changes, it will remain the same, views change.... I love it. Ten.

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Maria Zarah 04 March 2011

A solid work. Keep it up...

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Rhonda Hiler 04 March 2011

very serious work / words / very interesting / im looking forward to reading more of your work

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Hans Vr 04 September 2011

I think this poem has a very important message to the world. I like it a lot. The important message I can read between the lines is that pessimists can see the glory ONLY in the past and can imagine ONLY a bleak future. This is spoiling most of their present moments. Optimists plan a bright future and somehow I believe they are the realists. They enjoy the present efforts they make to brighten up the future of others and themselves. Very thought provoking poem, David. I think it is a great one.

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'The Pessimist' by David Beckham comment Terence George Craddock A poem of mysteries, never in my lifetime could I ever truthfully say 'The land was without war' for wars exist continually somewhere in various locations shifting across the earth. Symbolically in Eden, in a state of paradise and bodily perfection, the land existed without war, before the land was cursed before Adam and Eve in their expelled wanderings into the world. Death is individual, yet symbolically what will the death of the globe be? A Revelation of pestilence, hunger, famine, as 'Down at the valley our crops erode'. And is death and fire the result of 'And A-YI-BA-BA-YEH will be the cries of war'? The contrast is the blessing of innocence and the curse of greed as resources are coveted by war, diplomacy by other means. A poem posing many questions in language reminding of the psalms, the milk and honey of peace, the destruction of civilizations devoted to conquest by dominance and war.

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Peter Elliott 14 April 2011

Quite nice - I liked the image of the stars best - It reminded me of my poem 'Star-Gazer'

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Josef Kaswezi 21 March 2011

I like the atmosphere you created before showering your thoughts. Ts cool.....

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Unwritten Soul 08 March 2011

This writing is so 'innocent in chaos'... i like the way you build the environment to deliver your thought..'How sweet when we were born and how sweet when we will reborn' into a new world of eternity and peaceful

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