Allow Me To Introduce Myself Poem by David Beckham

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Rating: 4.7

I hate to talk about self
Why would I want to talk about self?
But been black and educated in my community
That makes me at the same time both…
The subject of scorn and ridicule
And of high and mighty praise

I want to talk about self
To put to rest any doubts that my dreadlocks might
Cause me to appear shallower than my grandiose perception of self
Or that my earrings and dangling chains and pant hanging low might label me a drifter
And why is that? Because I knocked on your doors to help school kids
But you slammed the door on me

Allow me this moment to vent
To take a poke at a society that is the source of my pain and a symbol of my struggle
I can’t catch all the ills in the news
But I seen the kids copying off of each other in the bus
I said: 'Excuse me Jane and John (and I just made up those names) , I can help'
The ridiculousness of the encounter exposing
A metaphor for their struggle and my need to talk about self

Who will take a real interest in me?
Perhaps the same question asked by Jane and John
That question becoming the sole source of their indifference towards school
So that even though they made it on top of their class with teachers wondering – how at every turn?
They both know they cheated their way to the top
And now that they have graduate they are suddenly free

Except they are not entirely free
The real question still exists in their mind and rightly so
To live in such imagination is hard for any child
But Jane and John know they can find freedom
They will try the music thing or the hustle thing or perhaps become parents
It is where they fit in - in this society of class and cast assignments

And so that puts me back on the spot
So that I am celebrated as educated and at the same time treated as ignorant
And I wonder…
Why I am looked upon with disdain and yet utter brilliance?
Cos even I myself
I know I am not completely free

Subodh Pandey 20 August 2011

A nice write.i liked your opening.i think that two sides are not very much distinct but are amalgamated in a way that two can not be separated how much one tries.

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Stefanie Fontker 20 August 2011

Everyone has their own prejudices, it is sad, but true. All we can do is try to practice being non-judgemental, and get to know people beneath their most out-loud traits. Great poem, very interesting.

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Eric Cockrell 20 August 2011

a very well written poem... all too often we allow ourselves to be bound by other people's shallow conceptions of what we are... whether they judge us by color, by appearance, by sexual orientation, or by beliefs... only we can set ourselves free... by delving deep into our innermost selves, and then giving what we find to the world unconditionally.... i can tell you have deep sense of character, and deep convictions... i salute you on your journey. keep writing and sharing your gift.

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Amy Lalala 01 September 2011

I love this! i wondered why you weren't posting new poems but you were obviously working on a couple good ones!

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Allemagne Roßmann 25 August 2011

Nice imageries and explanations well articulated.I love this format of yours..Amazing write and i like the undercurrent of logic here...well penned..

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Smoky Hoss 23 August 2011

Very well said, good words! ! !

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Wang Qian 22 August 2011

very nicely written, showing the hidden pain and struggle inside. Softly created but shows powerful meaning, Every cell of the poem is just like a piece of bleeding feather on a wing stretching so widely and desirably to the 'complete freedom'.

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Ragesh Damodaran 21 August 2011

I find the following themes in the poem - social perception, social prejudice, the immoral desire to make it without values. David, you have brought out these themes some in an original way, but I missed the central theme of the poem which is suggested by the title.

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