True Friends

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I sometimes sit and wonder
why I treated you so bad.
And sent you home feeling
used and yes a little mad.

You're really very special
and warm and loving too.
You cared enough to listen
to what I was going through.

You gave me love and tenderness
and made me feel so good.
I should have appreciated you more
like a real gentleman would.

So let me say I'm sorry
'cause I'm feeling really blue.
I never meant to hurt someone
as good a friend as you.

M Asim Nehal 08 January 2016

So let me say I'm sorry 'cause I'm feeling really blue.

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Rishabh Bidya 22 December 2013

Very expressive description! ! ! It'a pleasure reading your poems, Sir: D

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Ruth Walters 22 September 2013

I hope whoever it was you upset has read this thoughtful poem :)

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Roseann Shawiak 22 September 2013

Absolutely beautifully said. Love this poem and it's sentiment, Mark. It had to have touched your friend's heart like it touched mine.

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Lyn Paul 22 September 2013

Really feel the emotions in these words Mark. I am sure your True Friend would to. Horrible to think that you have hurt someone.... Yet sometimes we just do too much thinking.

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