True Love Poem by Jim Yerman

True Love

What is true love? It's certainly up for supposition
There is no specific answer…no universal definition…

If there is one truth that can be told…when all defining's done
It's that true love…whatever that may be…is different for everyone:

She tells a story of her children…her little girl and boy
who were fighting over a plastic dog…a seemingly ordinary toy.

A child's world is uncomplicated…at least from where they're at
Her little boy had the dog…her little girl wanted it
it was just as simple as that.

So the daughter feeling frustrated…without a hope…without a clue
ran straight to her mother…hoping she'd know what to do.

Mom said, "You must love that dog very much."
Her daughter nodded through her tears.
"Then let me tell you something", she said
"I've learned over the years."

"If you want it just because your brother has it…then true love it is not
If you want it and can wait until he's done…then true love's what you've got."

"OK, Mom, " her daughter sighed…
and here let me elaborate….
her daughter said although it makes her sad…
since it's true love…she would wait.

Yes, true love is a funny thing…although it's not always easy to discern
It's something you're never too old to feel…and never too young to learn.

Since it comes in many shapes and sizes
when you look around…you begin to see it more and more
It's in a mother's patience,
a daughters understanding
and it's definitely worth waiting for.

Thursday, May 23, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: true love
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