poet Lawrence S. Pertillar

Lawrence S. Pertillar

Truth As It Is To Live It

The time for many,
To have had faced reality...
And truth as it is to live it,
Has never been a part...
Of those now on missions seeking,
Safe places to escape...
With old habits and addictions.
To discover and find,
A faking of faith hasn't done it.
Nor has a lieing to themselves,
Or on others...
Created for them happiness.

And others who wanted to share their thoughts,
Were treated as if diseased with leprosy.
A deformity of a conformity too deep seated,
To admit emotions naturally felt to feel.

And today as few age gracefully to do it,
The road has not been easy to endure...
Those blocking to resist the taking of responsibility.
As if children attempting to prevent,
Signs of adulthood they should but can not accept.
Leaving those prepared yet unaware,
They will have to defend every step they make.

Life to live has to have its changes.
And a letting go to do this...
Invites unnecessary conflicts,
With those refusing to take their steps...
Upon each stage of life.
To maybe regret but to know not one stage...
Can be kept prolonged.
Even if the doing is deluded.

Truth as it is to live it done to do,
Is going to happen.
Whether or not one is dragged biting and kicking,
To the finish line denying aging.
Trying to stop the process.
And leaving behind others of childish minds,
Attempting not to grow up to do the same exact thing.
To their 'kids' to stay 'kids' to remain 'kids',
All their lives to live.

'Where is it? '

~What? ~

'Truth as it is to live it.
Where is it? '

~What? ~

'Truth as it is to live it.
Where is it? '

~What? ~

'Truth as it is to live it.
Where is it? '

Topic(s) of this poem: life

Poem Submitted: Monday, March 28, 2016
Poem Edited: Monday, March 28, 2016

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