Twilight Zone Poem by Fiona Davidson

Twilight Zone

Orbs of light floating on walls
Creaking doors and windows
That sound of footsteps on stairs
Stealthily creeping upwards
Handprints on glass outside
Unexplained two floors up
Icy blasts of air follow us
As we walk through the darkness
Candles flickering drawing us
Towards that eerie cellar
The figure that beckons us
To join them in the garden
Unearthly laughter goading
As we shiver in the twilight
These things are so delicious

Premila Patel 30 May 2015

Just one more... I wonder who take the most pleasure from it all? ? xx Your poetry makes my mind linger and linger.. diversifying into more and more things... xx

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Premila Patel 16 May 2015

I would have gone for its delirious, or ironic or even typical but describing it as delicious you certainly have a craving perspective! ! ! xx

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Giselle Joseph 23 July 2009

Another well written piece of work Fina 10+. Oh let me take the time to inform you and all others that you haven't read much work from me lately due to two break in at my home and my laptop and desktop were both stolen. Am on vacation now visiting family in the U.S so they allowed me to use their laptop until

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Sue Sie 23 July 2009

Woooo scarey stuff....reading this from behind a cushion lol...arghhh turn the light on....10 Sue

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. . 23 July 2009

These are a few of my favorite things... :) Terrific write Fiona!

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Fiona Davidson

Fiona Davidson

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