Black Coffee Poem by Fiona Davidson

Black Coffee

The flow of traffic diverts
My racing thoughts to watch
As life moves by so fast
Suspended in a bubble of care
I can feel you slip away
To hide behind your eyes
You place yourself outside
The range of us mere mortals
Blankness greets each question
We think to throw your way
And so I sit and wait for you
To look above the parapet
Of the wall you build so high
Black coffee and cigarettes
The only comfort left to me

Raj Nandy 12 August 2009

Fiona, It is black coffee, cigarettes and love of poetry! 10! -Raj

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Sue Sie 12 August 2009

You being their is the comfort you repay for all those coffees n cigarettes...xx Sue

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Patrick A. Martin 31 August 2009

I have sat with a loved one who was no longer with me it's a long afternoon and the coffee is welcome

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Stephen Stirk 20 August 2009

Perhaps I read this wrong, but I didn't see it as the stimulus provided by coffee and cigarettes. I saw it as a once concentrated and now lost mind. I felt that you were writing about a person moving in and out of understanding perhaps in the confines and limitations of stress. A most thought provoking journey. Poetry is unique in that it begs for interpretation. Best Regards Steve

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Bob Blackwell 19 August 2009

I love black coffee as a beverage, to open eyes and stimulate my poets mind. A Cigarette used to be its helper, till I gave up some twenty years ago. Peggy Lee used to sing a haunting song called Black Coffee, I can feel the slow beat, hear her sultry voice run through my mind. Thats what I love about good poetry like this it evokes memories of time gone by. Thank you Fiona, you are a muse of excellence. 10++ regards Bob

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Stephen Magill 14 August 2009

smokes and joe are just things you do while your not reliving all the memories you have and will always have. amazing poem, i not only saw your view but i caught a glimpse of his, great poem. -steve

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Nikunj Sharma 13 August 2009

lovely poem Fiona...........I love black coffee, , , , , , , , , but I never thought the way you think....

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