Fiona Davidson Poems

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Give Me Romance Everytime

Maybe a little romance is needed
Lightening our days in all this grey
To place a smile on our faces

.100 Million Stars

100 million stars I would give to you
No matter what the cost
I'd hold them in my hands
Hold them out to you

A Prayer For The Dying

Carry me, soft and gentle
Into sleeps arms and beyond
Painless at last, embrace me
In whatever must follow on

Best Closed

This vigil cripples my thoughts
Drags me down into shadows
Darkest depths that smother
With each breath you take

Bonfires Of Desire

Love washes over me
Bliss follows in its steps
Curling around my soul
Just a trace of a kiss

Black Coffee

The flow of traffic diverts
My racing thoughts to watch
As life moves by so fast
Suspended in a bubble of care

Heart Beat

The heavens explode around us
As we fall into the arms of love
Diamonds sprinkle your hair
With the sparkle of starlight



Here in this armchair

Autumn Dreaming

Trees drip rivers of colour from branches
Bared towards the granite skies above me
Reds and golds float freely to the ground
Forming a carpet so rich beneath my feet

Tidal Waves

Fingers trace their thoughts
Across my skin lightly
As I gaze into your soul
Drowning in the green