.100 Million Stars Poem by Fiona Davidson

.100 Million Stars

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100 million stars I would give to you
No matter what the cost
I'd hold them in my hands
Hold them out to you
Because my love that's what your worth
To me at this very moment
I'd give to you the moon and sun
If I could catch them in my arms
Hold them out for you to make your choice
If it would make you stay another day
These things might sound impossibe
But I would do this task
If it meant we'd remain
In love like this forever

© Fiona Davidson 2008

Cindy Kreiner Sera 11 April 2009

Inspirational - How to give and show love, not just to sit back and take - who would not give another day?

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Alf Hutchison 09 April 2009

Fiona.. he is a very lucky man to have such a passionate and sensitive one as you...lovely piece...Alf

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Sid John Gardner. 31 March 2009

47 delighted comments says how popular your work is Fi and why we just have to have more, , Sid xx

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Chuck Audette 10 June 2009

Lovely, contains the vastness of the universe of the heart in one smallish poem. -chuck

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Randy Hogan 01 June 2009

Beautiful write..... What is time to man but just a moment For man is made of the star, no dust he ask for your beauty is truly special

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Chinedu Dike 09 January 2017

An insightful depiction of the mighty feeling of love ❤ - a voyage of pure bliss, well articulated and nicely brought forth from inner recesses of the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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Premila Patel 30 May 2015

This love could kill us all! ! xxx

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Micron 08 October 2014

Really lovely poem on love, Have added it to my fav list :)

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 September 2012

Written stupendously well..i liked it

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a lovely poem...this one's worth 100 million stars.. thanks for writing this.

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