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Two Black Nipples

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I had a Nanny who was black
she loved to look at me and whack
the living daylights out of me
to set, she said my dark soul free.

I had a younger brother too,
when he was small he would turn blue
the doctor said he needed air
my Nanny, though would simply bare

her ample bosom on one side
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Now this is thought-provoking but more-so big guffaw-provoking (and brilliantly written, naturally) . Were Spike still with us he'd be jealous.....

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Joseph Daly 20 June 2006

There is something wonderfully childish about this Herbert. I mean that in a positive means. It is a very English poem, almost Betjamin-like. A celebration of something that not everyone can experience yet the experience of this poem is what makes it universal. I love the rhyme. There are only a few ryhmers on this site who can pull it off whith panaz. this poem show that you are up there with the best.

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Jerry Hughes 20 June 2006

Mein F, with a Nanny like that who needs a mother? She sounds divine?

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