Two Brothers And An Answer Poem by Shamik Kumar Bose

Two Brothers And An Answer

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i was sitting beneath a high rise
the empty sky forsaken halloing
an eagle waltzing in the far end of the sky
a listless air
i was sitting just below a lonely treeless hill
nothing around it, not even a sign of grass around
far cry a river
just an empty sky forsaken halloing

Suddenly i felt the eagle flew inside me
a deep dive almost sudden from nowhere
i felt the bird's feather merging with my skin
i felt the bird's blood oozing inside my vein
that bird diminish'd into me

i heard a deep slow rivetting voice from the cave of my heart
a voice glowing in the most musical melody
as if its echo was felt from all the caves of the world
from all the caves of the universe
and they all echoed
all these echoes melten in one blinding echo from my heart

i heard only for that moment

i am as free as the eagle
and i can mingle with that eagle
and one day i shall become that eagle
that moment, I shall miss the two brothers for ever!

copyright: shamik bose 2009

John Knight 10 November 2009

Hi Shamik - more abstract poem than Two Brothers - it merits a ten for both its structure and its abstraction. In V 1 there is the emptiness of sorrow and introspection. In V 2 the 'Image of the Eagle' being absorbed into his being - the symbol of Power & Ressurection. V 3 The voice of release leading into V 4 'The Freedom of the Eagle'. The last line the realisation that the Brothers have gone. We all need to be aware of symbolism in understanding not only LIFE but also DEATH - this poem has powerful symbolism. Eagles - Hills - Rivers - Caves - the Whole Universe - the Heart - Life and Death - excellent. Yours in Poetry - JOHN.

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This is an excellent sequel Shamik and wonderful to read. The transformation of the eagle freeing you to to become the eagle is exciting and also philosophical. 10 love Karin

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Raj Nandy 08 November 2009

I loved reading this poem! It brought back memories of Prof. Arun Dasgupta with his acquired Oxford accent, teaching us 'The Wiindhover' by Gerad Manley Hopkins! You must read that poem! This poem is indeed a fitting conclusion to your earlier poem! You speak of a wonderous metamorphosis here into 'freedom's wings'! The majestic & powerful Eagle had been the symbol of the Persian & the Roman Empire and also of Germany's Third Reich! As a Christian symbol, it represents salvation, redemption and resurrection! And through this resurrection you overcome -death! For your poem 10 + From Raj Nandy

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Shamik Kumar Bose 08 November 2009

Honourable Readers, Pls. read 'two brothers' before this and pls. take a break to read this. Your inputs are very valuable for me. Kind regards, Shamik Bose

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Shamik Kumar Bose

Shamik Kumar Bose

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