((Two)) Do You Hear Me Whisper To You? Poem by Shelley L Baxter

((Two)) Do You Hear Me Whisper To You?

Rating: 2.8

My whispering heart still crys for you..
It may be with regret and pain
that I will think of you again today
Still I have no choice...your in my
heart for good no matter what I do...
no matter what you have done...or even what you
you did not say...or can't say anymore to me.

My heart will Always know I love you
my weary mind knows I adored you
still today you never fade away...
after many years without your voice
your friendship or your presence
here on this precious sphere we call home.

As I look up now in the darkness of night
I still see your smiling face looming over me,
I still wish I felt your embrace...just once more.
My hope is for you to feel the aura of my Love
upon your soul that lingers in heaven...and
mostly, I pray...Do you hear me whisper to you?

As I pull you close with memories
As I smile at you from my perch on a deck
you never laid foot on...as I reach out
my hands to throw kisses to the heavens,
As I reach out to embrace the vision of you
I still hold in my heart today...I pray.

I pray now...to the Lord that you feel my Love
even though we laid you to rest six years ago...
Though nothing I can do can bring you back to us,
even though I can not erase that dreaded day...
when you kicked over the chair...suspending...
your lifeless...tall lean, handsome body in mid air.

I loved you then...and nothing has changed.
I will continue to whisper to you in the breeze...
through quietness, though chaotic thoughts...
through restlessness and pain and loss.
I plead with you to send a sign...crying now,
I ask...Do you hear me whisper to you?

Written July 31st 2008.

C. P. Sharma 29 July 2009

Body whispering to the soul. Great love, great poetry. CP

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Barbara Terry 18 August 2008

This is painfully sad, Shelley. I have no more words. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Barbara

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Dr.subhendu Kar 04 August 2008

Oh what a love rambling over the blue yet wishful by the heart..i love you when a call reminds the scarlet red swaddling over petals of red rose epitomised.....................love when glorified by the remniscence, even the imagery looks back, eloquently poignant, , , , , , , , , , , , , yet a magnum opus, great write,10+, thanks for sharing

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