Two Women Poem by Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Two Women

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I am in love with two women:
one is dark, the other's white
one is married, the other unmarried -
one is one of my childhood friends,
the other the wife
of a friend I adored in college life.

I love the two - ah! both of them -
neither the less, neither the more;
if I looked at one with right side eye
my left eye would soon search the other;
if with left nostril I smelt one's fragrance,
the right one will soon pine for the other -
I love them alike - they love me too
and neither knows
that I love the other!

I love two women, dark and white -
one rules my heart, the other my mind
one makes me sing, the other write;
one kindles my body with the fire
of her passion, while the other
stirs my soul with her love's ardour.

They say you can never think of
two women at a time:
so I think of one in the morning
and the other one at night.

And they say you can never make love
to two women at a time;
so I meet one at her home
and the other one at mine!

But I cannot marry, ah! both of them
at one time, and neither
can marry both one after the other,
nor can I be ever happy
marrying either and forgetting the other
and so I have decided to marry
none, none, none at all.

They say he is the luckiest man
who has in his heart two women;
nobody can be unluckier than me:
I am always in love
with two women.

Two Women
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: love,psychology,woman,career,confusion
On the night of 27 July 2015, Hemangi Sharma told me that she wished to be recongnised as my wife in the present life also.

The 'two women' in the poem symbolically represent two different conflicting ideals in life - e.g. Truth versus Untruth, Selfishness versus Altruism, Indulgence versus Self Control, Leftist versus Rightist Ideology and Simplicity versus Flamboyance etc. An ordinary man is perpetually in a state of mental conflict in choosing either of these opposing ideals. He can never decide which path to take in life, and therefore is always dissatisfied, unlike the person who has a single-pointed focus in life.... [The poem is a metaphor only... it does not advocate debauchery or extra-marital affairs at all! ! ! ]
Patricia Grantham 11 November 2013

As we journey in life and travel many roads there will be signs up ahead. Some are misleading and some are not. The best way to decide is to stop and ponder awhile and ask yourself this question. What information or details can I get before I take this road? Some research is alway beneficial before we forge ahead. Life is making choices, hopefully the right one! Nice.

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Sarah Jones 12 April 2013

Idea behind the poem is good. But diction needs to improve at some places I feel..

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Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

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