I Love You, Vani Vihar Poem by Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

I Love You, Vani Vihar

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However your memories lacerate my heart,
However your ideology sells in the mart -
Voices of pedagogues shriek from afar
Here in the murkiness of Parija Library
Lost amid books gone stale through years,
Now staring emptily at an empty gallery -
I cannot forget you, my Vani Vihar!

Whatever be your mere looks or essence,
Whatever dear, be your reasons of silence -
Your very jolliness, it seems, exudes nectar,
As I sit here inside the University Canteen
Half drowned in the gossip of parting friends
Listening to the timid lovers' hushed up din -
I know, you are my life, Vani Vihar!

However the multitude may denounce your name
However through neglect you have lost your fame,
Voices from my heart announce wide and far -
As I lay in repose in your sprawling garden
Admiring the girls now swaying gently homeward,
Ah! what songs surge in me all of a sudden -
That I love you - love you, Vani Vihar!

Note: -

Vani Vihar: - The popular name of the Utkal University Campus at Bhubaneswar (Vani = 'Word' as vehicle of knowledge; Vihar = Place of roaming! ! ; Vani Vihar = Where Knowledge Abounds; Abode of the Goddess of Learning)

Parija Library: - The central library of Utkal University, named after Pranakrushna Parija, a renowned academician and botanical scientist)

I Love You, Vani Vihar
Sunday, July 14, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and life
Written within 30 minutes of announcement of the captioned topic 'I Love You, Vani Vihar' at the Utkal University Annual Literary Competition held on 16 March 1994. And winner of the First Prize.
Gajanan Mishra 14 July 2013

good memory, artistic. thanks. I like it.

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Chinedu Dike 11 January 2015

A lovely train of thoughts, well articulated and nicely encapsulated into a poem. The love you have for the citadel of learning is well depicted in the poem. A nice piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Yoseph Lupu 03 May 2014

I THINK that your poem reminds me my best memories of the past. Thank you Yoseph Lupu

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Nivedita Patnaik 25 October 2013

nice one it makes me nostalgic...filled with bygone days in the campus...the hostel canteen...the library in ruin...lectures bunked for the famous chat...all of them...miss the friends who are gone...and not to forget the elections lost or won...i too miss the hallowed days...the poem suddenly brought back the naive campus feeling...thank you for such a wonderful journey back...

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Chitrangdha K 17 October 2013

u reminded me of my school song... Tapan, how should i thank you for making me revisit my Alma mater! ! ! ! Under the standard of our school Glory, honour, reign Guiding our steps in the path of truth Teaching “play the game.” Whatever we do must be our best Victory our aim. Alma Mater, let the flag unfold Stand brave, stand true Under the GREEN AND GOLD Proudly through life we shall go forth Honours shield we will bear. Firm with the truth our hearts shall be Faith the crown we will wear Excellence and truth shall be our stars, Jewels, radiant, rare. Making the world peaceful with our deeds Action’s always fair, Alma Mater let the flag unfold Stand brave, stand true Under the GREEN AND GOLD.

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R.j. Wynn 05 August 2013

very well crafted meaningful.

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Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
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