Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
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< b> Autobiography of an Award Winning Poet< /b>

I wanted a medal, and so I went
to the awarding committee vice president
and showed him all my poems and asked:
'Would you consider me for an award? '

'Your poems are all so simple and straight -
with no sign of style or high intellect;
even a schoolboy can plain understand ...
Popular Poems
A Woman's Scent
That night when my mother
took me to her breasts
I knew woman had a scent
quite different from man's...
Give Me That Promotion, Sir!
How are you, sir?

I was just passing by,
thought I might as well drop in
I, She And The Sea
Sombre though we were we knew -
For the hearts beneath our skins did throb,
As the surf surged up the sun swept shore
And we lay in repose in gold sands galore -
Haiku On Soul
Soul to the Body: -
'So how are you, buddy? '
'Not dead yet...'
A Prayer To God
        Hails to thee, Lord!

In your praise we offered a thousand oblations
broke a hundred coconuts, and offered prayers
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25 January 2016
The Simplest is The Best.


Gaurav 28 February 2020
Love ur poem ur contact no so can talk to u sir
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sdvsvds 27 January 2020
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sir.your poems are out of any hardship
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Govind S 28 May 2014
Sir, you are one of a kind.Your poems say why you are number one on poem hunter.your poems are a real joy to read.By reading your poems, one gets a special feeling that u hardly get from anyone else.PLEASE READ MY POEMS AND COMMENT.I WILL CONSIDER YOUR INPUT INVALUABLE AS IT IS COMING FROM A POET OF YOUR STATURE.
31 1 Reply
Richard Beevor 24 May 2014
excellent poems sir, I wonder if you could read some of mine and give me your advice please, I would like to improve, thank you, I am http: //www.poemhunter.com/richard-allen-beevor/
15 0 Reply
Kirti Sharma 15 May 2014
please read my poems and comment too! ! !
5 3 Reply
Kirti Sharma 15 May 2014
you are an awesome poet! ! i love the rhyming schems of your poems! ! ! beautifull! ! !
20 2 Reply
Richard Beevor 08 May 2014
Wish is an excellent poem Dr. Tapan, I wish I were as good as you, I hope one day to be recognised as you are, I must read all your poems, thank you for them.
8 2 Reply
Richard Beevor 26 April 2014
excellent work from a true class poet, love your poems sir, I hope one day you will find time to read mine, I would appreciate your advice. Thank you
13 4 Reply
Out of the so many poems I read in this column this was a peculiar one having the exactness and truth of events that discourages a new born poet and the real confrontation he meets. No more comments about the poem since these are seems to be events.
16 3 Reply
Valsa George 02 March 2014
I had a chance to meet Dr. Tapan Kumar Pradan at my house and had a long and interesting chat with him! When met face to face, I could see a different side of his personality! Dr. Tapan is so sensitive to the problems of the down trodden and has cent percent commitment to his profession, who has travelled extensively and has an enormous fund of experience to his credit. In the midst of his onerous responsibilities as an executive of the Reserve Bank, he finds time to engage in umpteen social activities like planting trees, helping farmers, writing poems, socializing and so on... Warm and humane... let him thrive as a poet of great excellence and recognition!
23 3 Reply
Doris Cornago 16 December 2013
I like this best sir poet: 'What's an award to do with a darned critic? ' I asked in rage, but his answer was as chic: 'Your poems are sophisticated, not easy to chew - only a critic can lucidate your point of view! ' You are making a good point here. but then again, you are on top now and can have your audience.
34 3 Reply
Patricia Grantham 21 November 2013
I have had the great pleasure of coming into contact with Dr. Pradhan and his great works. He is a gifted writer and is very well known for his observations and critique. He has guided me in areas of literature that was unknown to me and assisted me in testing the unknown waters of the poetry world. His style of writing and delivery of poetry is very unique in many ways. His use of many variations and styles of poetry is very admirable. A well known and well rounded Poet he is.
25 4 Reply
Sarah Jones 24 September 2013
A very gifted poet who is rather unknown in the literary world. I stumbled upon Pradhan's works quite accidentally. Decided to write his biography, which is quite interesting. The wide range of poetic styles is quite breath taking. Writing with a flowing diction, with rhythm, humour, sarcasm, symbols and metaphors, Pradhan is equally at ease with lyrics and free verse.
22 3 Reply
B. Laxmi Priya 17 July 2013
Dr Tapan is good at romantic love poems. But surprisingly he got all his awards for the philosophical and psychological type poems. Two Women and I, She and She are more popular. But I like the shorter ones like Nachiketa, Now is Time, Enchantress and Epiphany etc. Wind in Afternoon is another classic. Pradhan's Kalahandi poem may also be uploaded in PH.
10 5 Reply

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