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That night when my mother
took me to her breasts
I knew woman had a scent
quite different from man's...

How are you, sir?

I was just passing by,
thought I might as well drop in

Sombre though we were we knew -
For the hearts beneath our skins did throb,
As the surf surged up the sun swept shore
And we lay in repose in gold sands galore -

Soul to the Body: -
'So how are you, buddy? '
'Not dead yet...'

        Hails to thee, Lord!

In your praise we offered a thousand oblations
broke a hundred coconuts, and offered prayers

An assault of cabbage leaves on the pavement
Tries vainly to cover up the manholes;
Splattered egg yolk on the serrated kerb:
Two men look from the window. Wind blows.

However your memories lacerate my heart,
However your ideology sells in the mart -
Voices of pedagogues shriek from afar
Here in the murkiness of Parija Library

Like a princess she comes
at the appointed hour
floating like a shadow
through the stillness of night

Your enemies can do it, your friends
can do it to you. Your driver,doctor
neighbour, neighbourhood shopkeeper
your uncle, your priest, your teacher

I did not do it - it just happened one night
we could have slept easily in separate rooms
but she said a single room could be cheaper
she also felt lonely and needed someone near

Death does not come when you call him
However much you call, he never comes:
He comes only at his appointed hour -
Playing hide and seek, biding his time

Eight-thirty! .... still no sign of the bus -
The driver must be sipping his coffee
By some roadside dhaba, why should he care
If the passengers suffer? …… if I suffer?

Just five years ago
she won't let me come near her,
let alone a kiss -
her lips

I am in love with two women:
one is dark, the other's white
one is married, the other unmarried -
one is one of my childhood friends,

full bare breasts clasped
in a tight embrace, lips
glued to the jutting nipple

In five minutes flat, a Khap can do
what a Supreme Court cannot in decades:
justice is delivered in a lightning flash
on the spot, by five buzurg wise men

That hushed silence, that beating of the heart,
biting of the nails, and that racing of the blood
excitement in the stands, tension in the pavilion,
frenzied munching of popcorns in the galleries -

the house where she lived as a little girl
has become a star tourist attraction now.

Taxi drivers slow down, routinely

Dance of Shiva

Before the cosmic dance, there was the cosmic song
Before the cosmic song, there was the Silence

While trying to write a novel, instead
he ended up with a poem:

     fresh fragrance of jasmines

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan Biography

< b> Autobiography of an Award Winning Poet< /b> I wanted a medal, and so I went to the awarding committee vice president and showed him all my poems and asked: 'Would you consider me for an award? ' 'Your poems are all so simple and straight - with no sign of style or high intellect; even a schoolboy can plain understand them - how can we award you for your poem? ' So I returned next day with a bunch of new poems steeped in philosophy of high brow: 'Ah! they look now much better', he said, 'But which Party do you follow - Right or Left? ' I frankly said I belonged to neither, whereupon he said, ''Your poems, my sir, should follow some firebrand doctrine, or else how can they the Jury's mind impress? ' 'Casteism and Secularism are leading issues, you can write on Feminism, if you choose! ' So the next day I wrote a few poems based on sheer madness: 'I'm an Anarchist! ', I said. 'Ah! the poems are terrific! Now you get a foreword written by an eminent poet, and launch your book at a public gathering by a celebrity of some social standing.' 'If my poems are good, then why this pain? ' I asked him, and he answered with disdain: 'Without propaganda, sir, your poetry's as good as a chair with three legs that ever stood! ' And so I went to a dying old poet of repute and made him sign below a foreword I wrote, and having launched my book by a young rising politician, I wondered: 'When the award's coming? ' 'You will get the award, ' the vice president said, 'But you've still to do one thing, I am afraid - to ensure your book is well received by public, please get it reviewed by a well-known critic.' 'What's an award to do with a darned critic? ' I asked in rage, but his answer was as chic: 'Your poems are sophisticated, not easy to chew - only a critic can lucidate your point of view! ' And so I did as directed, and at the end of a year, in Autumn, a letter was sent to me, declaring they were only too glad to confer on me their top poetry award. At a glittering function I received my medal, but I swear, dear reader, before one and all that as long as I remain in this world, no more poetry for me - ah, no more award! *****)

The Best Poem Of Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

A Woman's Scent

That night when my mother
took me to her breasts
I knew woman had a scent
quite different from man's...

Tonight you still remind me of
my mother's old fragrance
though you too have your different scent -
a scent entirely your own!

In summer an aroma of apple juice
envelopes your breasts. In monsoon
the wet fragrance of wild forest flowers
in your hair. And in the winter
your arms smacking of honeyed milk
and your lovely feet of jasmines. In spring
this strong odour of musk in your loins,
and in your navel that faint lavender!

In different seasons you smell differently
In different places you smell differently.

But when I smell you entirely at once,
my love,
your scent becomes
an undefinable something!

Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan Comments

Doris Cornago 16 December 2013

I like this best sir poet: 'What's an award to do with a darned critic? ' I asked in rage, but his answer was as chic: 'Your poems are sophisticated, not easy to chew - only a critic can lucidate your point of view! ' You are making a good point here. but then again, you are on top now and can have your audience.

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Patricia Grantham 21 November 2013

I have had the great pleasure of coming into contact with Dr. Pradhan and his great works. He is a gifted writer and is very well known for his observations and critique. He has guided me in areas of literature that was unknown to me and assisted me in testing the unknown waters of the poetry world. His style of writing and delivery of poetry is very unique in many ways. His use of many variations and styles of poetry is very admirable. A well known and well rounded Poet he is.

26 4 Reply
Valsa George 02 March 2014

I had a chance to meet Dr. Tapan Kumar Pradan at my house and had a long and interesting chat with him! When met face to face, I could see a different side of his personality! Dr. Tapan is so sensitive to the problems of the down trodden and has cent percent commitment to his profession, who has travelled extensively and has an enormous fund of experience to his credit. In the midst of his onerous responsibilities as an executive of the Reserve Bank, he finds time to engage in umpteen social activities like planting trees, helping farmers, writing poems, socializing and so on... Warm and humane... let him thrive as a poet of great excellence and recognition!

25 3 Reply
Sarah Jones 24 September 2013

A very gifted poet who is rather unknown in the literary world. I stumbled upon Pradhan's works quite accidentally. Decided to write his biography, which is quite interesting. The wide range of poetic styles is quite breath taking. Writing with a flowing diction, with rhythm, humour, sarcasm, symbols and metaphors, Pradhan is equally at ease with lyrics and free verse.

23 3 Reply

Out of the so many poems I read in this column this was a peculiar one having the exactness and truth of events that discourages a new born poet and the real confrontation he meets. No more comments about the poem since these are seems to be events.

17 3 Reply
Gaurav 28 February 2020

Love ur poem ur contact no so can talk to u sir

4 0 Reply

sir.your poems are out of any hardship

29 0 Reply
Govind S 28 May 2014

Sir, you are one of a kind.Your poems say why you are number one on poem hunter.your poems are a real joy to read.By reading your poems, one gets a special feeling that u hardly get from anyone else.PLEASE READ MY POEMS AND COMMENT.I WILL CONSIDER YOUR INPUT INVALUABLE AS IT IS COMING FROM A POET OF YOUR STATURE.

33 2 Reply
Kirti Sharma 15 May 2014

please read my poems and comment too! ! !

7 3 Reply
Kirti Sharma 15 May 2014

you are an awesome poet! ! i love the rhyming schems of your poems! ! ! beautifull! ! !

22 2 Reply

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