Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan Poems

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A Woman's Scent

That night when my mother
took me to her breasts
I knew woman had a scent
quite different from man's...

Give Me That Promotion, Sir!

How are you, sir?

I was just passing by,
thought I might as well drop in

I, She And The Sea

Sombre though we were we knew -
For the hearts beneath our skins did throb,
As the surf surged up the sun swept shore
And we lay in repose in gold sands galore -

Haiku On Soul

Soul to the Body: -
'So how are you, buddy? '
'Not dead yet...'

A Prayer To God

        Hails to thee, Lord!

In your praise we offered a thousand oblations
broke a hundred coconuts, and offered prayers

Wind In The Afternoon

An assault of cabbage leaves on the pavement
Tries vainly to cover up the manholes;
Splattered egg yolk on the serrated kerb:
Two men look from the window. Wind blows.

I Love You, Vani Vihar

However your memories lacerate my heart,
However your ideology sells in the mart -
Voices of pedagogues shriek from afar
Here in the murkiness of Parija Library


Like a princess she comes
at the appointed hour
floating like a shadow
through the stillness of night

It Can Happen To You Anywhere...

Your enemies can do it, your friends
can do it to you. Your driver,doctor
neighbour, neighbourhood shopkeeper
your uncle, your priest, your teacher

Bitty Mohanty's Denial

I did not do it - it just happened one night
we could have slept easily in separate rooms
but she said a single room could be cheaper
she also felt lonely and needed someone near

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