Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Invasion Day: 207 Poem by Gert Strydom

Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Invasion Day: 207

On the Donetsk front Lyman is still attacked,
Wagner mercenaries some still ex-Special Force,
are now by prisoners from Russian jails backed,
the best defence that they are up to enforce

but were from Hrodivka through frontlines
driven to Lyman where secondary roads remain,
and Ukraine has already cleared fields of mines,
where from three directions Ukraine do gain:

from Svyatorhisk and Hrodibka from the west,
from Bilorivika across the Severski-Donetsk river
ftom Staryi Karavan with troops at their best,
have cut through defences already a sliver,

where cut-off are the main roads and a railway
and with Wagner fight rebels, that did Ukraine betray.

If Russia looses Lyman, the towns east of it,
will probably fall and with ten thousand criminals
with the better soldiers wounded and hit,
the rest are not in any way professionals.

Russians do their wounded in ditches leave,
as if for the wounded they do not care.
The Ukrainians that find them do aid to them give,
do them to hospitals take, do much better prepare.

Against a huge attacking force Lyman will fall;
even if the mercenaries are as good as soldiers get.
As terrorists in Ukraine Wagner is viewed by all,
with war-crimes they have their reputation set

and with bombarding artillery it's a matter of days,
before Ukraine each Wagner soldier at Lyman slays.

At Krasnohorivka Wagner did forward move,
did only a kilometre at great losses gain,
while away in Kharkiv Ukraine still landmines remove,
where a great number by Russians left do remain.

Kyselievka has by Ukraine been gained in Kherson,
in Pravdyne the Russian will to resist erode,
Russians and their cars are now from Kyselievka gone
and Ukraine is on the Nova Kakhovka road.

In Kherson City there have been fire-fights
the Russians on Telegram are pointing out,
it might be Chechens with fleeing Russians in their sights,
or Ukrainian Special Forces landing there-about,

where Chechens shoot at the Russians that flee,
act as Putin on Russian soldiers want it to be.

Dmitry Kiselyov a Russian TV-anchor-man
that wants to wipe the US from the map
lost two cars in Crimea as partisans an attack began,
and back in Russia to life he does adapt,

the cars burned down at his villa in Koktebel,
a Land Rover and VW Golf in Aivazovsky Street,
in anger Dmitry Kiselev do on Telegram tell,
he wants America with nuclear arms to defeat.

In Izyum by satellite the aria of a massacre is great,
where Russia has buried civilians that it killed,
and such acts make Ukrainians the Russians hate,
where massive trenches are with bodies filled.

This kind of thing is very sickening,
it does torture depict before the dying.

So far ten torture chambers were found
that the Russians had used over all Kharkiv,
where they did people electrocutions give,
graves with the hands of soldiers bound,

near a forest mainly civilians are in the ground
women and children that were raped did not further live,
and even for a hardened person this is stiff,
as injustice come to light that do to annihilation amount.

Russia is planning false-flag attacks in Ukraine,
to from its war-crimes draw attention away,
where like terrorists they try victory to gain,
are against the civilian population at play,

and to blame Ukraine Russia attacked Belgorod,
against civilians also at the city of Tankograd.

[Poet's notes: so far ten torture chambers have been found, where people had been electrocuted, some people have survived the electric shocks, are also witnessing about it, have burn marks on their bodies, other methods of torture were also used, some people were killed with their hands tied behind their backs. Mass graves have been found near Izyum and at Bailika in the Kharkiv Oblast. This is just as at Bucha and is found wherever the Russians are occupying. This reminds a person of German Nazi atrocities. These atrocities are not isolated.

In Belgorod and Tankograd there were explosions in Russia where as before Russia has hit civilians in its own cities to blame Ukraine, to make its population willing to fight in Ukraine.]
© Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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