Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Invasion Day: 209 Poem by Gert Strydom

Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Invasion Day: 209

Putin still continue with battalions of volunteers
like the Tigr and many others with pensioners
that as canon-fodder into battle he steers,
others with Wagner and Rosgvadia executioners,

that does lawless pillage, rape and steals
act savage like Orc creatures: sub-human,
do oppress and torture in how they do deal,
as if of strategy Russia has no acumen

and under the bus Putin does the generals throw,
do heavily lay blame on his department of defence
do all the failures by him on them bestow,
where now hands-on in failure his impact is immense

without any bother of the innocents that are killed
and his record of his life with pure evil is filled.

Putin's souring relationship with the military,
its command and the Ministry of Defence
is between different units bringing animosity
and severe in-fighting is not of mine pretence;

Wagner and Spetsnatz, Rosgvadia and Wagner troops,
Chechen and ethnic Russians do kill each other
along with the DPR and LPR in their groups.

Russia also has the thing of firing on it'd own
if they do withdraw or do away desperate flee,
ineffective rations and inadequate supplies are known,
in Russia a person does a broken military see,

while a despot totalitarian drives them on,
until in death for his goals they are all gone.

Russia at this point is not paying servicemen,
and the so-called bonuses for aria gained
is not un play where they are driven back again,
where surrounded many are not sustained.

The soldiers of the DPR and LPR refuse to fight
for any other or for each other's territory,
and Russia does in forcing them into war delight,
where without any choice it want people to be,

they are not exchanged as prisoners of war,
in Ukraine are actually terrorists that do rebel,
some native Russian units them, do deplore,
and in this war they do not really excel

while for a mindless cause this war is raging,
in inhuman ways Russians are it waging.

The first guards tank army and airborne units
are busy from Kherson Oblast withdrawing;
they are in HIMARS range that is turning them to bits,
in a small aria artillery are at them gnawing,

where these are better armed and trained,
at hard targets, supplies, command and control
Ukraine does time and again the damage maintain.

and Ukraine has in Kharkiv cut through this,
have capture great numbers of equipment,
to destroy these Russians did no opportunity miss
and in ammo and supplies capture a great shipment,

where totally overwhelmed and surprised,
Russian defenders were not of the attack advised.

In Kherson still the Russians do fall back,
rather than trying to stop the offensive cold,
do act as if they do military training lack,
while Ukrainians act brave, decisive and bold.

At Nova Kakhovka Russia did a new bridge build,
but it's going to be shot with HIMARS apart
like the ferry more Russian blood will be spilled,
as Ukraine do all of Putin's plans thwart,

in the coming weeks all of Kherson Oblast will fall,
where without food and munitions and supplies,
even in-fighting in Kherson City Russia cannot stall
as it tries on Chechens and factions to rely,

and Ukraine is adamant again it own to gain,
do to Russians with artillery great damage sustain.

On the Bakhmut front the Russians are moving
closer to Odradivka and they are four kilometres
from Bakhmut, against defences are somehow improving
but are loosing many soldiers for each meter.

These soldiers are mostly Wagner mercenaries,
that are fighting and killing for the money.
These Russians act for the DPR revolutionaries
the few that want part of Russia to be.

Lyman is attacked from Svyatorhisk and Hrodibka,
from Staryi Karavan that is to Lyman close
across the Severski-Donetsk river from Bilorivika,
where they loose the Russian mood is morose;

from Yarova pressure on Wagner is now very great
and enforcements will come to their aid too late.

Bilohorivka is once more in Ukrainian hands.
Earlier Russia lost two battalions of men,
in dangerous crossings that the river demands
and now the Ukraine has the town once again.

Bilohorivka to Lyschansk is very near
and attacks on it and from it from high ground
on Severedonetsk the Russians now fear,
where reinforcements they do not have around.

In Mykolaiv Russia fired a missile that exploded
three hundred meters from a nuclear reactor
and their intent is with harassment loaded,
where they think Ukraine fear them more,

with winter coming are destroying infrastructure
and to kill civilians they do attacks structure.

These forces are also into Luhansk oblast entering,
where from Vovchanske to Lyman are the frontline,
where in locations over the Oskal centring
on Russians Ukraine do its forces align

where thirty five kilometres remain of Kharkiv,
and attacks from the north will Donetsk hit
and some of this force does attacks to Luhansk give
and HIMARS has strike at city in it.

At the city of Swatov the HIMARS destroyed
some off the Russian military concentrations
and with this the rebel regime is very annoyed,
are with partisan action full of accusations

where resistance in each city do bomb and burn,
do Russian proxy-regimes into hell turn.

In Belgorod in Russia Ukraine do the military bombard,
where for further attacks they Russians gather
and Putin do not want his annexing to discard
and in Kharkiv the rest of Russians thinly slather.

Russian media and Russians on Telegram troll
the Russian regime over attacks in Belgorod,
while in these attacks Russians are paying a toll
and the impact that in this war it has got,

where Wagner is having some success
and throughout summer Russia has taken a beating,
where greatly the Russian military is in a mess
as they are shot to fight or if retreating

and at the people's cost Putin does continue
does the decimation of Russian men accrue.

Russia is speeding scam-referendums up
in Donetsk and Luhansk to be of Russia a part,
and when looking at this very close-up:
that Ukraine is attacking Russia, Putin has at heart.

Ukraine is trying to get its own territory back,
Putin thinks he can get ex-Soviet lands
and pillaging, raping and robbing Russians attack,
want the possessions of others in their hands.

On Russian TV about Bucha and Izyum Russians do not care,
if the world see them as a barbarian sub-human horde,
is inciting action against civilians to scare
and slowly but surely by humanity they are abhorred

while constantly about sanctions they whine,
where still harsher the world should them undermine.
© Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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