Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Invasion Day: 281 Poem by Gert Strydom

Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Invasion Day: 281

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'The war in Ukraine will continue
until the complete defeat
of Russia. We have already
lost, the rest is just a matter
of time.' Igor Girkin

Russia has taken Andriivka village
which is small but they crossed the river
and like they always do they will rob and pillage,
while still I pray that God will Bahkmut deliver,

where Russia tries to encircle it unsuccessfully
as Wagner, Chechens and Rosvgardia gather,
they did by-pass from the south successfully,
do that they have taken Bahkmut blather,

and still in full frontal assault Russians die,
as canon-fodder far too many do perish,
and in vain mothers, wives and sisters in Russia cry:
those that do these Russians as their own cherish,

while in Moscow this do not Putin touch,
to the Russian people these killings are too much.

Russia has already in its attacks on civilians used
all the Shahed-136 drones that Russia did from Iran get,
while for launching missiles its bombers are set,
in a terrible winter Ukrainian civilians are abused.

Utter devastation on innocents Putin choose
as if by doing this some evil plan is being met,
while in winning in a terrorist way Putin bet,
knowing full well he has in Ukraine loosed.

After Lukashenko's joke on leaving the military alliance,
Patrushef was involved in Nakei's killing:
Putin forces in his war Belarus into compliance,
even to the Hungarian Katalin Novak, this is chilling.

Putin considers Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia to invade,
to win somewhere and stay as the president of the Russian state.

Armenia at a CSTO meeting did Putin snub,
where Russia is not able and willing to Armenia to aid,
as Azerbaijan does continually Armenia drubs,
and Putin felt by Lukashenko betrayed:

he said Belarus would be: 'the last or first the CSTO to leave; '
that Putin has on some national leaders files
some intelligence services perceive,
that the FSB and GRU for blackmail compiles

and notwithstanding by poison dying:
is far worse than for some incident to be exposed,
where in allegations the Russians may be lying
where Putin seems nowadays ill composed:

the presidents of Turkey and India make him wait,
playing as Putin did and this he does hate.

Where Fascist Russia is loosing so badly,
that Igor Girkin has said that the war is lost
in rhetoric along with Kadyrov spoke madly
of conquering Europe at a terrible cost

of the constant views on the war he is silent
while what he warned about have turned to facts,
in actions against Ukrainians he has actually turned violent,
as if to make up for what in troops Russia lacks

but this will not turn the war around to win,
where Ukraine had supplies on the bridges cut,
drew more Russians into the fighting in
and if he knew by wit or his gut

in vain Igor Girkin is fighting on the front line:
with a Nova Rossa flag he does with Donetsk rebels align.

'World News, ' probably a Russian proxy
from Accra, Ghana, about a massive Arial assault report,
as seen from Engels-2 by satellite imagery,
do this to a new major offensive retort,

states that two dozen long-range bombers are gearing
from Engels-2 airbase in Russia, Saratov Oblast,
for strikes on energy infrastructure, that Ukrainians are fearing,
while attacks against civilians has the world aghast.

Putin strives this with chill a deadly winter to be,
as if hitting civilians and their well-being;
do while loosing on every front bring a victory
and this twisted news insight is a Russian thing:

at punishing Ukrainian civilians Russians rejoice,
after Ukraine rejected a despotic Russian regime by choice.

[Poet's notes:
Nakei had been a Belarusian foreign minister that had negotiated with the West.
Girkin was found responsible for downing Malaysia Airlines flight Seventeen by the International Court and has served as the Minister of Defence for the Donetsk self-proclaimed rebel republic.

Nikolai Patrushev the Russian Security Council Secretary was the head of the FSB / KGB.

The CSTO is the 'Collective Security Treaty Organisation' and has Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in a mutual defence agreement.]
© Gert Strydom


A pertinent summing up. Statement of the emerging… liked it.

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David Wood 02 December 2022

Kremlin now knows how inadequate its army is in that it cannot win a land war in Ukraine. This means Russian army cannot win a war with Europe or US. Thus using nuclear weapons only choice

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Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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