Mustafa Mun

Ultimatium - Poem by Mustafa Mun


We often reach to conclusion
Something, which we do not even, have clue of
Things we don’t wonder about
Don’t Care about
Yet it’s the ultimatum

It’s a tradition followed,
The last word to be heard in the house
Never asked why?
When asked was slapped and made to cry

Even death would not be so ruthless
Why are they acting so careless
Who so brutal?
Things can get at times fatal

Not asking for sympathy
Not trying to gain the media hype
Its just a plain question asked to everyone
Have they just become “someone”

Why such a change in everything
Why such a change in everyone
They all see but do not observe
They Observe but never act

Leaders speak but do not act
Actors perform But never act
Charity shows are done everyday
Yet millions die of hunger each day

Drugs Thugs Mugs
Its all another way of avoiding the facts
Another way of survival
Nobody is born a thief or murderer
Society is the one who creates them over years

Money is a slow poison
While people die in recession
Everyone is a prey to it in one way or the other
The monetary chain is for nobody to escape

Yet we create the ultimatum
Yet we call hundreds wrong while it was just one
We do hundred wrongs all under the sun
Its us who are to blame
Now why are you hiding your face in shame?
Whom are you finding to blame?

News is just another poison so switch on your television sets
Newspapers should be used to clean toilet seats
See, for yourself and believe in your instincts
People need things to talk about
That’s why we are called social animals
But try and be more social and less of an animal


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Poem Submitted: Monday, September 14, 2009

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