Unafraid Of The Wolf Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Unafraid Of The Wolf

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The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want

Money here along with temptation I shall not jaunt

Holy Ghost fire in the house what a stunt

In ease I am having all He desires; now I am at hunt

I am fisher, the light of this world, inflamed with a need to confront

Hollywood Biblical mockery, Judgment day at its full monarchy

The Kingdom of God is what we seek for only there we are at peace

New World Order but an Old Testament God of all

The End from the Beginning and a lifetime of prophecies

In the green pasture we lie down beside the still waters

In the golden city we are locked from outside in hell-like fire

They told us the truth but we ignored violently in foolishness thinking we are wiser

Science and witchcraft all in agreement of a false light

Now its dark and the Illuminati is bringing the black knight

The pale horse is at hand consuming all with one strike

Rainbow in the sky skull shaped kite

The goat raping, the stars falling in enslavement of supernatural demonic mites

Television promotion of satanic warfare

The united state leopards defeated by us-r-a-sin bears

World War Three revealed through nuclear rivalry

Israel’s victory ordained by His death on Calvary

Change is proclaimed while the same is near

No one alive all screaming and hailing throughout fear

Food and money given as poison while we seat on one chair

Population reduced by a banking system, all in wonder why life is unfair

The Great Book tells it so clear so why is we blind and chained to Vegas in revere

The environment dying of its fruits as the dimensions give birth to the Antichrist

Cockroaches flying at noon day, vultures feeding with crows, speedily sin by twilight

The commandments broken, the world in anarchy, the church running

Religion in confusion, Evolution in fusion, as the world feast in an illusion

The belief of GOD corrupted through self-righteousness as we sin deliberately

The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want

Armageddon is at hand and I will not taunt

I am not afraid of the persecution and I am up front

Vanity I have not but on the battlefield I will flaunt

The Lord Christ Jesus says the season is now and here as all shall prepare and not daunt

Hans Vr 12 January 2011

Good write, Images well chosen,

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Wow! A complete description of the anti-christ, in it's varied manifestations. This like an episcle on it's own. Brilliant!

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