Undocked Ship Poem by Michael Witkowski

Undocked Ship

Rating: 4.2

Have you ever felt it-a
tingle that rises someplace
in your belly and only to set
your lower regions ablaze
surges through mark and spine
and crowds your face-

ask the medic what it means
all vessels push blood anon
at the speed of light
Alarm! Alarm! some indigestible
shock pulverised the system
run run run away is the answer

i came for joy and to see familiar faces, bask
in their smiles, cuddle in their words, and dance
at the same time- feel my body move with the rhythm,
shake off despair but in vain- a low mood will change
into a happy mood in humans- (but i came with a
happy mood- anticipating joy) -solely from dancing

the emotions carried by the music, the squall
of sound - but i am not human- i function differently
the squall sweeps me off my feet, kicks in my tongue
pierces my tonge til it swells so i can't speak, vocal
chords lose their natural skills and brain orders the
tongue not to speak - my mind is doing overwork

in the production of feelings of hurt, a pang that injects
a flushing tingle into the system and i feel misunderstood, unappreciated- Sunny and Maria notice me at the margin
of their joy, everyone obsessed with their own happiness
and if you can't provide a happy quip that tosses the table
with laughter nonne will notice me- so i flee

noone understands how why in a happy place
the mood of the room does not infect me
i recall my other friends who noted my sadness
and merged me with themselves- it is not
what humans hint at, a disappointment over
Chris's staying away from the place

but waves of sounds without tides, without ebb
and tie without a break for a word and a lack of
caring word and a hug that docks me into humans

Amy Murtagh 11 March 2005

This becomes progressively more depressing, but I like it somehow. Cheers xoxox

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Sandra Osborne 04 March 2005

Excellent piece, I loved it.

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celine charcoal 03 March 2005

yes. amazing........................

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James Wright 03 March 2005


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