Unique Poem by Cigeng Zhang


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You are different from the other
Why, you look so deep and heavy
Your artery turns into inky color
Hills around you are all lively
Green, young, at odds with you
You stand like a giant inkstone
When the dark falls, they get dim
You do fear nothing, your luster
Become the eyes of the hills, shine

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Gajanan Mishra 14 October 2014

you do fear nothing, good writing, thanks.

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Anne Yun 18 March 2016

I feel the uniqueness of your wording, it's really charming, I guess, i find a sister i have been searching. I need this resemblance of voice to let me know, 'I Too Am Salammbo', this is my favorite poetry book, HongYing, i like her tongue, i like yours.

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Cigeng Zhang 18 March 2016

Thank you Anne for your comment. Me too, have the poetry book by Hong YIng. In this way we both liked her style.

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Ramesh Rai 27 October 2014

Unique write. Unparalleled, only go a head to your destination why not in your language

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Kwai Chee Low 19 October 2014

Another lovely poem, Cigeng. Nature is described so vividly, and the first few lines lend a sense of mystery as well. I too share Donnie's liking to your poems; your style is uniquely yours.

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Donnie Wolff 17 October 2014

De nada Cigeng, artists need it, ups and downs helps us to be level. Let me know whenever you write I'll read and vote. I like your writing. Your friend that's new on here writes really well as well. I forgot their name samurai writer, bushido admirer, new here. anyway ciao for now Cigeng Zhang

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Donnie Wolff 16 October 2014

Great write, very talented Cigeng Zhang

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