Universal Unity -Against Covid-19 Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Universal Unity -Against Covid-19

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The world so bewildered, the world so aghast,
in togetherness it assembles to find a remedy
to search for a cure from the corona virus
which is vibrating our rotating world with utmost panic;
and as days have kept rolling into weeks and months,
our world is still in a maze though many countries
have taken up the common responsibility to find a vaccine
to free the people from the dread and difficulties
the virus is causing.

And, no matter where and at what time one sits or sleeps,
no matter what color or religion is he or she,
doctors keep helping people without reluctance,
nurses keep caring for patients day and night,
health workers keep rushing people to hospitals,
people themselves keep wearing face-masks,
keeping safe distance, staying indoors
thus universal unity displaying its full velocity.

Nothing ever brought the world together so compassionately
than this Corona virus which is lurching in every city,
every street, every home and any family,
victimizing them with its sordid and cruel infection
which is so fearsome as it spikes fatalities,
increases patients in hospitals and mortuaries
as one is unable to prevent its impact
as one is unable to fight it and retrieve his good health.

None can even suspect the proximity of the virus,
none can even judge when it will infect them
as unseen, unrevealing is its walkway and objective
as unsuspecting people keeping moving around it,
unable to judge whether they will return home uninfected
when at the end of the day they walk back home from work
or from the marketplace where they had to stop to shop
for their groceries and necessities
yet universal unity keeps displaying its velocity
when people keep taking care of themselves and others so vividly.

Universal Unity -Against Covid-19
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: solidarity
Kostas Lagos 21 October 2020

Well written poem Bernedita!

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