Untitled_Love Poem by kenya black


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I do not remember the first time I heard your voice
And when you call my name
My heart stops
My mind runs through every second
My body is frozen in your trance.

Walking towards you
is like a waking to a new beginning.
I want to start over.
And see the ending too.
This time I do not flip to the back of the book
No matter how much i would like to,
The ending that we both yearn for may be or may not be.

Visualizing your face in my head
You smiling at me.
I break into two
Not realizing one part of me can trust you
But the other cannot.
I sometimes think will it always be this way
Will you never reach out for my hand anymore
Because if this is our ending, I would rather not live it.
I would rather close my heart and cry and lie to myself
And protect the only beat there is left,
My life.

I want you in it.
I want to see you in it.
I want to be with you till the end of time,
I want to be held by you unconditionally.

For the first time,
I am wanting something for myself.
For the first time,
I am crying and the tears won't stop.
I do not look for your shoulder, but I think of it.
I do not want you to protect me or yourself,
But I want you to let me in to that dark place I never get to see.
The scenes you avoid but never face with me
The dream of us running
And we keep running on and on and on...

Until you kiss me.
Until the night ends.
Until you are mine and I am yours.
Bringing our hearts to one.
A unified and hard love to live with.

kenya black

kenya black

North Carolina
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