Unwanted War Poem by Gayatri Phukan

Unwanted War

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Unwanted war

Gayatri Phukan

I don't want war
Only ash will remain spread
After the end of war
In the battlefield
Streaks of ash will fly in the sky
Frivolous sky of spring
Will stand still
Vultures will fly
Flowers will lose their fragrance
Amid the fusty smell of flesh
Brilliant pictures tinged with vermilion
Will remain fallen like stone
Fond checks will soak
With tears of moaning eyes
Threshold will dampen
With streaks of purple blood
Kunti and Gandhary will wait
After the end of the war
Flowers will not bloom
For many years
In the field of war
Fox will alone scream
Moon light will fade
Rainbow will not be visible
Cowherds will not play
Their favourite game
Village maiden will not see their innocent image
Reflected in river water
No one will not be there
To catch fish in river
Stinking smell of gun powder
Will come from corn field
Cattle will forget to return their shed
Breeze will forget
How to blow
Time will not slither
Like rolling stone
Everything will come to a halt.
N B: Kunti is a character of famous epic Mahavaratha. She is the mother of Pandava
Gandhary is also a character of Mahavaratha, a famous epic, and wife of Dritarastra.
Translated from Assamese to English by: Shakil Ahmed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: social
Gayatri Phukan 31 July 2020

Thank you so much Dr.Jadia Hasmukh

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No war-Protect land Wednesday,29th July 020 heaven's door is open we should be rationally driven the land must be protected as a holy task no doubt should start with doubts Dr. Jadia Hasmukh

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