Unwinding Love Poem by poppy miller

Unwinding Love

Rating: 5.0

Along the dark shore where the waves roll wild
And the wind roams where it will,
The soul fills with flaming passion
While the stars stand shocked and still.

There on the sand two lovers lay,
Cleaving together, giving up control;
A heady night, giving power to the senses,
Finding the hidden code that makes them whole.

And as they kissed, tasting each others' dreams,
(Her cheeks burnt bright from her inner inferno)
He knew instantly there were no lies in her fire,
As the truth erupted from this Rose of Jericho.

Then, so gently he sedated her fragile mind
As he licked clean the walls of her memory.
Her senses being lost in the present,
These souls lay in peaceful reverie.

And as the engorged moon hung smiling,
Two imprisoned souls were revived within,
Dripping fruits with the dew of gladness
As the sea whispered -
I am the sonnet beneath your skin.

Saturday, January 9, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Edward Kofi Louis 23 May 2016

Two imprisoned souls! ! Nice work.

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Poppy Miller 23 May 2016

Ah, yes Edward, but what a way to be imprisoned.

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Tom Billsborough 25 March 2016

This is one of your best poems. The last line is particularly good. Tom Billsborough

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Poppy Miller 23 May 2016

Thanks Tom. I aim to please.

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Poppy Miller 26 March 2016

Thankyou for reading this Tom

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Poppy Miller 26 March 2016

Thanks Tom for reading this poem.

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Terry Dawson 16 January 2016

Well twined the strong forces Of wild nature And consuming passion! Well done!

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Poppy Miller 26 March 2016

Thankyou Terry, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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