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Terry Dawson 17 January 2016

Whether it be Stormy oceans whipped to foams Or creaking words from ancient tomes You'll find they are contained within This srreaming poets flowing poems! Here is a poet I love to read and who deserves to he read!

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As The Flame...

As the flames in flamenco dance
Show off their vibrant hues
Of tangerine and cinnabar
I notice, not a note of various blues

And as the eye fixes on the flame
The mind drifts back to summer skies
To golden sands and sun kissed bodies
Content, relaxed, with smiling sighs

But now the ashes fall; another thought,
That moves me on to lusty autumn
In all her finery; and once again
The flamenco beats to the expected drum

Of the wind; that will have its way,
Lightly at first, playing with the sun
Then to gasp with mighty zest
To strip bare, nature's beauty just for fun

The embers now have lost their glow;
The dance is spent, the coals are dead
And I, must away and trod the stair
At this late hour to my bed

But happy it is, this humble soul
Who cannot wait for dawn to come
For spring arrived at my door today
admired by many and adored by some.


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