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Terry Dawson was born in 1955 to farming parents in the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia. He has been a soldier, game keeper, beekeeper and farmer. He lives now in rural eastern Zimbabwe.

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I've Met A Girl

I've met a girl
Louise her name.
Within I feel new strength unfurl
And I'm no more the same.

Strange to myself, now am I
Renewed in mind and heart,
My load lighter than before, and why? -
Her magic weaves its art.

Recipient me
Of friendship's gift
Strength-giver she
Sure, true and swift
As ever friend could be.

By her, unaware, is it arranged
That life comes anew into a soul,
And so is lonesomeness estranged;
A life reacquainted with its goal.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 24 January 2019

Great fun. Better luck next time.Enjoyed!

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