Helen Offtroy

Utility - Poem by Helen Offtroy

The hare has lived there centuries,
His bloodline far behind him,
But when the settlers came and took his land,
He stayed.

Fleeing; lithe and suble,
Leaping, twisting, darting, running,
Crack...his agile body, mid-leap, crummples,
and his bright eyes dim.

Human eyes dont see such things,
They see the damage to thier crops and land,
But they do not see those bright eyes dim.

Horses racing; doing what humans have bred them to do,
Running, jumping, running, jumping,
Sweat pours down her side in sheets of gloss.
Then she's flying, flying over the jump,
She doesn't make it.
As she plunges forward, she snorts with fear and both legs shatter.

Human ears don't hear sush things,
They hear the drumming hooves and roaring crowd.
But they do not hear the crack of bone on bone.

The cows' simple, happy life disturbed,
They are taken to a place,
Where the bitter, metalic taste of blood and death upon the tongue is so great,
They are afraid.
And their mournful cries echo their bewilderment.

Human ears don't taste such things,
They taste the sausages, just off the pan,
But they do not taste the blood and death upon the tongue.

So i conclude-
If humans can not see, or hear, or taste,
When they are not deaf, or blind or tasteless,
Are they unfeeling?
Or do they feel only what they wish to feel and shroud their guilt in layers of tame excuse?
Which is worse?

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 22, 2007

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