A Poem Dedicated To My Murderer Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

A Poem Dedicated To My Murderer

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If you strike a dagger in my chest
Do ponder
Air has no body.

Air is flow
Of running seas of life
It's a long story
Which has no beginning
And no end.

If you strike a dagger in my chest
Do ponder
Air is immortal
Air is mother's pat
Air is sound of a lullaby
Air is a prayer
Out of the mouth of babes!

(1983, Translated by Samina Amjad)

Allemagne Roßmann 11 April 2009

I am assassinated reading your verses

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~ Jon London ~ 11 April 2009

My friend a powerful write indeed, this should be voice on every poetry site available 10+

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Mamta Agarwal 09 April 2009

its prana that gives life to the body, we are because we breathe. its a great philosophical write. a title that immediately catches attention. Air has no body, air is flow. so is life... last lines are so beautiful. mamta

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Christopher Montalvo 09 April 2009

This poem is so cool. hands down lol. Ima pass this around to my friends.10/10

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Malcolm The Last. 09 April 2009

wonderful idea to ponder on, so, allow me to hit you back; 'Air' is the spirit, the 'dagger' cannot destroy it but Words can actually 'strike a dagger in my chest'

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Howard Kern 20 May 2009

very nice. I hope air is immortal, but somehow I doubt this to be the case. I give you air's lifespan might seem immortal compared to a human life. In the end I am of the beleive that the sun is going to kill everything on this Earth; by the sun balloning into a red giant star out to Mars. If we, and I mean the human race cannot get along for a comman good we will die as if we never were! ! ! thanks my friend

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Chatara Conway 23 April 2009

Your work is very good and I hope you continue to write. Thank you!

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Abbie gorsuch 17 April 2009

You are a very tallented writer...this work is amazing. great job!

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Ruth Walters 15 April 2009

Ok this too is really good. Come and read some of my poems.... Ruthy....... please.

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Robert Howard 11 April 2009

The vivid and important message of your poem is amplified by the power and clarity of its language.

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