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Pine Forest

Rating: 3.4

Let us go now into the forest.
Trees will pass by your face,
and I will stop and offer you to them,
but they cannot bend down.
The night watches over its creatures,
except for the pine trees that never change:
the old wounded springs that spring
blessed gum, eternal afternoons.
If they could, the trees would lift you
and carry you from valley to valley,

and you would pass from arm to arm,
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Susan Williams 17 November 2015

This is superb- in texture, in pace, in warmth, in brevity. Every word chosen for full impact

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Bernard F. Asuncion 30 November 2017

This poem of Gabriela Mistral is truly heartwarming??????

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M Asim Nehal 20 November 2016

Nice poem with great imagery...

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Anil Kumar Panda 30 November 2017

'a child running from father to father. '..is so nice. Great poetry.

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Charlotte Gunther 30 November 2017

what a beautiful walk in the forest! i shall remember it the next time i walk through the trees

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Chinedu Dike 22 September 2019

A beautiful creation from Gabriela......................................

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One of the best poems by Gabriela Mistral.........

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Alouwou Mandjah 05 May 2019

a natural beauty! Thanks for sharing

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Fantone Mdala 05 May 2019

simple yet interesting and intriguing poem

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Fantone Mdala 05 May 2019

The poem is simple yet interesting and intriguing

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