Running Wolf Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Running Wolf

Rating: 4.5

In my dream
I dream I am you
running wolf

As you run through
the valleys of truth
I see the dew
I see the trees
as though I am you
I see through your eyes
I feel your fears
I feel your heart beating

I see indians dancing
round fires of peace
I see the fears
of what the white man brings
I see peace and harmony
and a place for me

Running wolf
one of truth
why is there a place for me

Because my light and soul
I am the reincarnation of you

Daniel Brick 20 March 2015

This is a wonderful poem! It runs with power and truth, it expands the heart to embrace both that power and that truth. It's with humility that I acknowledge you are writing about my American society, or more precisely the indigenous part of it which is Indian, and not white. I have a great belief in the life of the land, that the ground we stand on or run over, is alive, and feeds us with its energy. You have given voice to this belief. And it may just be the redeeming force that will save us from the bleak reality you reveal in your other poem.

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Rahman Henry 06 September 2015

'Because my light and soul I am the reincarnation of you'... wow! how beautifully you compose the wonderful thought. I love it, dear poet.

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Andrew Blakemore 17 March 2012

Great poetry dave, nice perspective to see the world through the eyes of the wolf.

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Karen Sinclair 22 February 2013

A beautifully graceful spiritual piece. I'm part Canadian Indian and the older I get the more in touch with my spirit free side I let myself be. It's a wonderfully refreshing outlook on life. No restrictions just following ones natural instinct. Loved this piece and bravo on poem of the day.

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Jayne Davies 22 February 2014

Well done Dave! Congratulations!

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sam :) 03 March 2020

good poem i run track and my teacher told me to find a poem on how we feel about running so thanksss :)))

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Sarah Shahzad 23 December 2019

Wonderful, it is an amazing piece of poetry!

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Julia Luber 15 June 2019

Brings me to a different place in my mind.

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Milkyboy Galia 27 October 2018

Wow! just amazing sir.

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Hossein Hajiagha 25 November 2015

very dancing and beautiful

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