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Veil Of Dreams

Rating: 4.9

In dreams I keep trying to find my way
back to the house of my childhood
and sometimes I end up getting lost.

I keep seeking out
my best childhood friend
with whom things ended
uncomfortably, long ago.

Thugs and killers haunt my dreams,

dwarves and people with running sores,
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Ivy Christou 15 November 2005

I loved this Max! I feel the same way too. As if the dreams are trying to tell us something but we are not able to understand what is that.. Strange feeling.. HBH

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Linda Hepner 08 November 2005

Marvellous! Dreams are so real that when you waken you feel empty and disoriented. You have conveyed both states so well, Max. Linda

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John Kay 08 November 2005

Max...love the line, 'There are strange weddings with no bride.' Like a human being without a heart that keeps moving. A rather spooky poem.

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Uriah Hamilton 08 November 2005

The love the dark intense imagery of being lost.

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Mary Nagy 08 November 2005

Wow! And I thought I had strange dreams! I love the stress this conveys Max. What a night you must have. Great job. Sincerely, Mary

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