Virtual Friends Poem by Yasmin Khan

Virtual Friends

Rating: 4.9

They met in a world without matter
Behind the screens smile and simper
Share their joys, sighs and tears
Forgotten passions, misgivings, fears
Hand in hand yet never touch hands
Miles of distance, close they stand
Sacred secrets, secret thoughts
Woes and worries, tenderness fraught
With words giving voice to their dreams
Yet safely remains behind the scenes
Weird fondness never defined
Words work wonders in cyber confines
Wiping tears, curing hearts from afar
Trust and reliance work like elixir
Distance matters but it never does here
Perfect strangers friendship austere
Promises and vows may easily dissolve
No committals, musts or any oughts

POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM virtual Friendships are weird in their very nature.
Neela Nath Das 28 June 2013

Unique poem.I always love reading your poems.This one is no exception.

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Like the Spirit Divine of Allah spreads the divine unseen Love / So a bondage blessed by Him; hence we creatures survive in Love.. I liked your beautifully penned spiritual poem.May Allah bless to write more.Propagate more.Invite people to His path rationally, says the holy Qur 'an, Surah, Nahal,16: 125.

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Valsa George 28 June 2013

This is a great write Jasmeen! Each line I truely enjoyed! Virtual friendships are fostered through poemhunter! The concluding couplet gives it a realistic finish! !

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Farah Ilyas 28 June 2013

Forgotten passions, misgivings, fears Hand in hand yet never touch hands...Though distance creates hindrance in usual meetings but it enhances more love between two sincere friends Words work wonders in cyber confines.. such empower words..Trust and reliance work like elixir Wiping tears, curing hearts from afar Distance matters but it never does here... well done sis congrats u beautifully blended two topics in one pot....enjoyed it a lot, strong projections of emotions as well

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C. P. Sharma 28 June 2013

Virtual friends are real true friends In them the mutual nature blends San profile their feelings vibrate There is no need to dine and date.

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Heather Wilkins 07 July 2013

virtual friends can be long lasting. I have so many I adore. lovley write

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 03 July 2013

Long time ago when there was no virtual friends people know each other personally, however that was not very good, because friendship could turn into boring meetings, they picked on each others little faults and so on, but in this virtual world if someone do not like what we say, they do not have to answer. The world is getting larges, friendships are created by those who think alike even on the other side of the world. Every generation has a few people who will eventually understand the meaning of life and live in peace and true happiness in the middle of the world happenings and those bad things will never touch them.

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Somanathan Iyer 29 June 2013

Really your words worked wonders through this write. A lovely smooth flow.

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David Wood 29 June 2013

This poem flows beautifully Jasmeen. Have you read my On Line Dating poem? ?

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Shahzia Batool 28 June 2013

another poem in the same mood...but things are not always bleak, good signs are also there...good composition!

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