Who Sings That Song? Poem by Yasmin Khan

Who Sings That Song?

Rating: 4.4

In the wee hours of dawn,
A melodic song alarm
Sweetly guides and leads me on
With a strange and sweet charm

The mysterious sound veers
And spiraling downwards
Trails around me far and near
Rendering peace inwards

Is there a nightingale,
Or a song thrush? To my surprise
From behind the leafy veil
Such a ditty in a guise

Her morning hymn with peace fills
My tumultuous heart
As her rapturous tune spills
Revealing her fine art

I hear her making a tune
Though she stays quite elusive
Busy making her soft croon
Special and exclusive

Her sole identity is
Not her outward plumage
But honeyed song that she sings
Incognito and offstage

Who Sings That Song?
Friday, August 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: nature love
Khairul Ahsan 25 January 2019

Melodious crooning at the wee hours of the morning by this songster of nature has brought out such a wonderful piece of poetry from the poetess' pen! Congratulations, Yasmeen Khan, on such a brilliant piece! Quite worthy to be a 'Member Poem of the Day' on any of the days of the calendar. I hope PH bosses will take note of my comment and publish it as a MPOD soon.

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Yasmin 11 February 2019

My kind thanks for your response

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Abduhoo Salamath 27 August 2016

woow.. beautifaul poem (song) wonderful// Thanks for sharing

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Akhtar Jawad 24 August 2016

Apparently a song by a bird, but I like metaphors, so I take this poem as an alarming infant singing to wake her mother, to help her, to feed her and to love and muse her.

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Yasmin Khan 25 August 2016

Thank you, a poem can be interpreted in many ways.

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Valsa George 20 August 2016

In the early hours of morning when there is a kind of subdued silence, the song of this bird must be ringing loud and clear filling the hearts with a divine melody..... at once soothing and enjoyable! These songsters of Nature are so sweet to be heard and so mesmerizing to be seen! Lovely write Yasmeen!

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Yasmin Khan 25 August 2016

Thank you Valsa Ma'am, it's nice to read your words after a long time. The songbird has her nest in nearby trees and often amuses me with her song singing hidden in leaves.

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Nosheen Irfan 19 August 2016

What a beautiful piece of poetry! A lovely morning filled with bird's crooning. Calming n soothing write that goes straight to heart's depths. Deft use of vocabulary. Great expression. Thank u for sharing.

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Yasmin Khan 20 August 2016

Thank you kindly, Nosheen Irfan, your beautiful words made my day.

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