Voices In My Head Poem by Amy Fifita

Voices In My Head

Rating: 5.0

'Rippled skin splurging blood,
Oh, the want to see that flood.
Cold skin against my warm mouth,
I want control but not to help.
Morbid images in my mind:
Grab their throats from the behind.
Torture them; eat them alive, '
My demons are not kind.

'KIll it slowly watch it die,
Violence may be your only cry.
come on now, why can't you do it?
Overcome your care or pain will hit.
The world is evil, just look at you and your life,
They did this to you, they caused your strife.
You can't do it? Do you want them to survive?
Now put your skin into the kinfe

You hate to care, you told me so,
But your care just won't go.
Don't you want power? Don't you want me?
Would you rather be in the light so you can see?
A thirst for blood i want it fed,
You're so useless i want you dead!
Screw you happiness, curse your care, '
These are the voices in my head.

Sebastine Humaemo 30 December 2008

well penned......thanks for sharing....sebastine..........

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Aiswarya. T.anish 29 December 2008

Good poem. I like it.10+++

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