“Wow! It’s Christmas, happiness coming
Now for the gift welcoming loving
Then to the church to bow before God
And to the market to buy me a gift

I saw a nice little flower…
Enjoying herself in the nice warm fields…
The place felt fine, what a beautiful sight! !
Why didn't it come yesterday? !

Last night, I saw a monster.
First it was just a shadow
By degrees it became clearer and clearer
Finally it stood out

The eyes of the dark
Which see through the dimly lit full moon
The snowy flakes,
Covers the graveyard which wakes

Oh! Where’s it for our crops?
We need the river water drops.
Where’s it for our thirst to clear?
Where are the tears, are they near?


Ended, hence, the glorious time of the sun’s lifespan,
The trees were fully clothed, in leaves

Sun, the life Giver,
Is he a life Giver?
He should be, but how?

Reader Beware: Check weather all the cupboards in your house are closed and all your precious things are rat-free. Yes? Then you can read this. ‘Cause anytime, any minute, any second, a rat attack can occur in your house.

“Humans have developed,
Then why not us? ”

Which is your favorite place on Earth? Hears mine........

The sun promised a charming dawn every dusk,
And went off for a nap in his husk

I see her every morning on her way to business
Printed cloth around her legs, a red blouse
Carrying her basket of old fish, listless
She is, listless. She is fisherwoman-

All poets write in insanity
Impervious, to the entire
The king of your own poetic empire

On hands their praise, of sounds that made
Tantrums thrown upon the keyboard, the maid
Rush to her master, little, a toddler
Twisting the house of Van Dudler on his little finger


It has been six years since I joined Poemhunter. I am 17 now, and a lot have happened over the years. I became a published author, a columnist in an American newspaper... My name is Aiswarya. I come from a tiny island village off the Arabian sea, down here in India. I live in Trivandrum, hoping to be successful as a writer somewhere in my inconsequential town. About Me More about me Age: 17 EDUCATION - Currently doing 10th grade at Trivandrum International School, Trivandrum. - Sree Narayana Trusts Central School, Nangiarkulangara, Harippad, Alappuzha till 8th standard. PROFILE - Writer and poet. - Performance poetry artist - Columnist in Azhchavatton newspaper published from Texas, USA. - Author of 400 poems in two languages. - Author of 3 novels and about 100 essays and articles - Published internationally over the internet as well as journals. - Poems published in international journals and anthologies - Translator. - Spoken English Tutor. BOOKS - The Crescent Smile (2011) ACHIEVEMENTS - Her articles have been published in ‘Reflection’ magazine published from Bahrain. - Her poem ‘The Rain’ was published in ‘The School Magazine’ section of The Indian Express in April,2004. - Her poem ‘Graveyard’ and other poems have been translated into Arabic and published in a magazine in Bangladesh in 2007. - Her article ‘Plastics- A Boon or a Bane’ has been published in New n’ More, a children’s newspaper in 2008. - Poems have been published widely on the internet, in International websites like,,,, Literary, etc, with several poems making it to the ‘Top 500’. - Her letter, sent to News n’ More has also been published in one of their editions. - Chief Editor of ‘Drushti’ news-website’s English edition for a while. - Her poem ‘Decline and Revival’ has been published in an International journal, Taj Mahal Review. - Her poem ‘Festival Day’ is published in an anthology of poetry, named ‘Holiday Book’, published by a New Mexican Publisher, Casa de Snapdragon, from USA. - She is the youngest Guest Poet in an American poetry website, - Chief Editor of school newspaper ‘The Flame’ in 2009. AWARDS - The Lions’ Excellence Award 2011 - Triond Young Poet of the Week Award (three times) - Souhardodayam Club Award 2010 - Janani Arts and Sports Club Award 2010 - L. Channel Award 2011 Rotary International’s ‘Student Icon of the Year’ Award ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS - Distinction in English and Credit for Science in Macmillan IAIS Scholarship organized by University of New South Wales, Australia in the academic year 2010-2011. - Distinction in English, Science and Computer and Credit for Mathematics for the IAIS Scholarship in the academic year 2009-2010. - Selected as ‘Brave New Voice of Chennai’ as Audience’s Choice in the English school level of Poetry Slam Contest organized by U.S Consulate in 2011 - Finalist of ‘Brave New Voices of Kerala’ Poetry Slam Contest organized by U.S Consulate in 2010 - First in the Sahodaya Youth Festival’s Quiz Contest and third prize in essay writing. - First prize for ‘Scale-It-Up’ and second prize for ‘Poster-It’ On the Spot Design Challenge contests at Cr8 inter-school competitions at L’ecote Chempaka International School. - Runner-up in All Kerala ICSE/ISC Volleyball Championship at MA International School, Kothamangalam - Participated in ‘Young Environment Scientist Award’ and came first in Alappuzha District and was selected for the International Conference on Climate Change. HOBBIES AND INTERESTS Art and craft, music LANGUAGES KNOWN Malayalam, English, Hindi, Spanish Basic French, Italian, German, Russian and Latin)


The Great Valuable Gift On Christmas Day

“Wow! It’s Christmas, happiness coming
Now for the gift welcoming loving
Then to the church to bow before God
And to the market to buy me a gift
I have the fifty cents all for myself”
Fanny jumped happily, she ran out to shop.

Dancing and skipping she went on her way
Across holy Churches,
Across lit up houses
Across snow laden parks and snowy canals
Gardening, sweating
She had made her money.

“I want a present,
A present I want,
I had a hard time to earn these
Christmas is the best time to forget it all”
She cried out with joy,
To the man in the shop

Beautiful pastries and plum cakes a fresh
Packed up in boxes
She left from the shop
But lo! At the end of the street, she did see
A young dainty lady, holding her child
Sobbing away at the plight so sad

Tired she looked, unhappy too
For her baby was sick and hungry too
Fanny stood still and thought for a while
Then the gift to the child, she smilingly gave
The two of them,
Very grateful now, went on their way to their cold little home

Blessed is the child,
Who gift from the heart
Rest she will ever in the arm of her Lord.

December 2007

(I wrote this for the Christmas celebration December 2007 in my school. And I presented it there)

© Copyright Aiswarya T Anish, Kerala, India


Enoch John 27 September 2008

Hi Aiswarya, The poem has a nice rhythm and beautiful imagery.

1 0 Reply
Sallie Howson 05 October 2008

Is it possible that you are only 11 years old? I can hardly believe someone so young can write such eloquent poetry.

1 0 Reply
p.a. noushad 31 October 2008

your nerration is beautiful

0 0 Reply
Cierra Harris 23 November 2008

its crazy how you flow so smoothly and you're only 11 years old, i want say its hard to believe, but its amazing, i love your style

0 0 Reply
Dr Harish Nair 10 October 2012

Aiswarya, power of your poems should change those who could never be changed and that needs change... for good. All the best.

2 0 Reply
Khilil Perry 18 May 2009

I like your poem comment on my newly written poems I wish I wrote back then

0 1 Reply
Carrie Baker 11 February 2009

This is a very beautiful and well written poem. Way beyond someone of your years. I also feel bad for the people who do these things to the beautiful gifts from heaven that God himself gives to us...

1 1 Reply
Archie Langford 10 February 2009

as the man said ¬`the pen is mighter than the sword` keep writingI I also love fiowers best regards archie

1 0 Reply
Tracie Turpin 26 January 2009

Blessed is the child in the arms of her Lord; indeed

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