Volare Poem by Ron Dragano


Rating: 5.0

(Poi d'improvviso venivo dal vento rapito
E incominciavo a volare nel cielo infinito)

Waking up with the image:

The silver plane flying
Across the sun
High In a blue sky

And I’m
Already complaining about its banality,
And the stunted Saxon like sound of it
Even before I write it down
And the jet, though soundless in the distance,
Must roar and I imagine the engineering it took,
I am wanting another, less metallic, dream
Given wings -why not a bird?
Though the silver was smooth and bright
And the symmetry and swept back blades of flight stirred a gleam:
A flash of being 9 or 10, And a wisp of how a jet plane could lift
A small boy
Are my feet on the floor? Where are my slippers,
The little tree frogs in raindrops, high in the Amazon canopy?
Not a plane in the sky,
Something else, something to describe
The lift of you

jim hogg 21 May 2020

Years later I'm marvelling at this again and find that " The lift of you" has just emerged, with real banality, unfortunately, in a line of " mine" : " I'm lifted by the lift of her" . I thought it was good at the moment of " creation" . Och, utter originality isn't easy. Hope you're staying safe mister and living a fruitful life. Nope, there are no new poems on my page. Pse stay away and write a new poem instead.

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Jim Hogg 25 August 2014

There's just me here, and the lift of your artistry... and it's more than enough.. Hi to you sir.. Hope life is treating you well old soldier..

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Jim Hogg 14 February 2012

I think I know what your problem is: you're toof ucking good..!

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