! Wake Up... Poem by Dislocated Heart

! Wake Up...

Rating: 2.7

Morning sun shine thru, and your voice is the first,
the first sound I hear..
Your sweet tender lips speak in such harmony..
My heart can't help it, but smile in delight..
I long for your touch, your hands in mine.
I miss staying up all night whispering to one another..

I fell in love since the first time I heard your voice..
Sweetness to my ears.. your kisses just irresistible..
and You, the love of my life.

My love is everlasting, forever growing, never fading..
You are the one...
The one and only girl I wanna spend forever and a day with..
My heart is your now and tomorrow and for the rest of my life..

The world could crash, I could go broke, I could lose everything I own.. but losing you.. will kill my very soul..
I am madly, deeply, truly, completely, passionately in love with you..
I say this because its true.. I never want to live a day without you..

Baby.. I hope you realize how much I love and care for you when you read this..
and I hope you get the biggest smile on your face when you wake up to this..
I love you.. :)

olivia herrera 28 October 2019

I promise to stay committed to you forever and promise to be a faith full person and stay happy

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